Some sleep experts would have you believe there are three basic ways to sleep: back, stomach, or side. But for anyone who has tossed and turned trying to find the perfect sleep position, you know there are a million and one ways to contort yourself while trying to catch some elusive zzz’s.

We think some of those other sleep positions below deserve a little more attention. See if any of these sound familiar to you — and what that says about you.

1. The Bookworm

Cartoon Graphic of Bookworm Position | Sleep Positions

You tend to curl up in bed with a book, doze off mid-chapter, and wake up when your Kindle (or book, if you like to keep it old-school) hits you in the face.

You’re a passionate person who devotes literally every waking minute to their interests — but if you feel like your sleep quality is lacking, you may want to power down your tablet before bedtime.

2. The Cuddler

Cartoon Graphic of the Cuddler Position | Sleep Positions

You can’t sleep unless you’re curled up to someone or something, whether it’s your partner, your pup, or a pillow. Being a cuddler is great on chilly winter nights, but not so much in the summer.

On hot nights, stick with a body pillow — it’ll never ask, “Can you please get your arm off of me?”

3. The Drunken Starfish

Cartoon Graphic of Drunken Starfish Position | Sleep Positions

You sleep with your arms and legs stretched towards the four corners of your bed — and there’s a decent chance you’re snoring and drooling, too.

Sleep scientists say spread-eagle sleepers are carefree — and despite their bed-hogging ways, they tend to be selfless friends. Still, if you share a bed, you might want to upgrade to a king size so your partner has some space to sleep, too.

4. The Center of Attention

Cartoon Graphic of Center of Attention Position | Sleep Positions

You prefer to sleep right in the middle of the bed. The territorial types who favor this sleep position tend to be decisive, commanding, and unafraid.

It’s great that you own your space (hey, you do you!) but if you share a bed with someone, you might want to use that decisiveness to pick a side of the bed.

5. The Thrasher

Cartoon Graphic of the Thrasher Position | Sleep Positions

Why pick just one sleep position when you can try them all? You spend most nights tossing and turning, until your blankets are twisted around you like a tornado.

Shifting sleep positions is actually pretty common — one study found the average person changes position approximately twice an hour while sleeping.

But if you think your restlessness is becoming a problem, talk to your doctor to rule out certain sleep problems.

6. The Corner Dweller

Cartoon Graphic of the Corner Dweller Position | Sleep Positions

Fetal position is reportedly the most popular sleep position, and Corner Dwellers take it to the next level — curled up in a tiny ball in a small corner of the bed, not bothering anyone.

People who sleep in this position are thought to be sensitive and soft-hearted. (Bonus: Sleep specialists say side sleeping positions tend to be the most comfy.)

Corner Dwellers may be a great match for Drunken Starfish, since you only need a small patch of mattress to get cozy.

Cartoon Graphic of Lesser Known Sleep Position | Sleep Positions