Breakfast!! Our day starts with this particular word. And it is crucial to kickstart our day with something delicious and nutritious that promotes our fit lifestyle. Who knew that a simple breakfast could make us fit and stay healthy?

The Indian diet is famous worldwide for its yumminess and the health benefits it brings to food lovers. So people who want to keep their weight in check while satisfying their hungry tummies in the morning can now rejoice. So here we are to help you know the best breakfast foods for weight loss.

Sometimes there is weight gain due to lifecycle changes, for example, you may gain a few healthy kilos as you age or have a baby. These changes can be reversed or controlled with a strict regime.

But, on the other hand, you must worry when you experience sluggishness or some of your parameters, like blood glucose levels, change. Therefore, maintaining a fit body that makes you flexible and comfortable is the primary key to a healthy lifestyle. 

A gain in weight could be due to some significant factors; however, food consumption can always be one of those, attributing to obesity too. Thus, it necessitates that we consume healthy food all the time. And this consumption starts at breakfast itself. 

So, from now on, start your day with a healthy, nutrient dense breakfast which also helps in weight-loss and  makes you happy and healthy.

In this health guide, we will be discussing seven breakfast food options for a week. With this, you can cook delectable breakfasts all week and stay well.

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When spikes in blood glucose levels become regular and stay unstable, it usually manifests in weight gain. It could be the start of a metabolic syndrome like obesity.

The qualified nutritionists get updates on these fluctuations and tailor a custom-made food and activity plan that stabilises it. Breakfast foods listed below, along with combinations like condiments, curds, fruits and herbal beverages, help you start your day perfectly healthy. 

Overview: Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss 

Knowing which breakfast options will promote weight loss will solve half of the problem; learning about the quantity, too, can help you more.

The common perception is that a rich and grand breakfast keeps a man healthy. Of course, that is undoubtedly true. Therefore, many nutritionists ask people to have a good and heavy breakfast. Now, ‘heavy’ does not mean a high quantity or rich in fats. On the contrary, it refers to the nutritional value it has.

One must indulge in a breakfast rich in proteins, fibre and minerals. Proteins keep a person active and robust to keep up with daily activities. At the same time, fibre makes digestion as smooth as butter and increases metabolism.

Coming to the minerals, well, these give the overall nourishment that your body requires for effective functioning. Thus, one must ensure they get proper proteins, fibre and minerals via breakfast. 

Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss and Recipes

Cooking a healthy meal for weight loss is as simple as cooking your regular meals, provided you need to be mindful about the quantity and proportion. Moreover, these are easy and readily available in every household, so you do not have to make it a burden to source or prepare them.

Sprout Salad

We know that you’ve expected sprouts!! But who wouldn’t? Sprouts have numerous health benefits, and enhancing weight loss is indeed one among them. Sprouts loaded with proteins and fibre.

In addition, they supply people with sufficient vitamins, especially Vitamin C and Vitamin K. So, you will get energy all day with this superfood as your breakfast. 

We highly suggest this dish for the first weekday as it will make you happy by making your Monday blues poof in the air faster than they came. In addition, a recent study necessitates that consuming sprouts reduces the risk of cancer.


  • Start by gathering all kinds of available edible seeds and germinating them in that little jar in the corner of your kitchen.
  • Get the germinated sprouts.
  • Rinse the sprouts well.
  • Drain them and steam/boil till soft but not mushy.
  • Later, add chopped tomatoes, onions, and green chillies.
  • You may season it with chat masala, salt, and pepper. 
  • Drizzle lemon juice and toss it well.

Vegetable Dalia

This food here has broken wheat as its primary ingredient. It is commonly known as lapsi or Dalia. A study says wheat has a lot of nutritional value consisting of Vitamin B, proteins and fibre. Therefore, vegetable dalia is a delicious breakfast packed with nutrition that whole wheat grains would give to any of us.

Being low on GI level, it promotes weight loss for those suffering from weight-related issues. Moreover, one can include vegetables; thus, fibre is apparent. In addition, vegetable dalia is easy to digest. Also, being low on carbs, this dish becomes the perfect one for your next Tuesday without any second doubt.


  • Wash and chop vegetables like Carrots, onions, beans as well as green chillies and ginger.
  • Now, add some ghee and heat it in a pressure cooker.
  • Add cumin and let them crackle.
  • Add the chopped onions, peas and other vegetables, then saute.
  • Meanwhile, take dalia, rinse, drain and soak in clean water.
  • Add the soaked and drained dalia.
  • Here, add 1/2-2 cups of water.
  • Add salt and pressure cook until you hear 5-6 whistles. 
  • Once the pressure is all gone, you will see the porridge-like consistency.
  • Serve it hot for a tasty bite.


This name does not need any introduction, limited not only among the south Indians; everyone loves idli. It is common to have 3-4 idlis in our mornings with yummy coconut chutney and sambar across Indian cities. With fermentation as its characteristic feature, it includes fats, minerals, fibre, proteins, and many more. 

The preparation involves steaming. Therefore, nutrients get preserved without evaporating, unlike dishes cooked on flame. Moreover, lentils like urad dal constitute too many health benefits.

Well, make your midweek, i.e., Wednesday, pleasing and simple with this super good breakfast. Also, you can substitute rice with oats or ragi and add green moong or a combination of lentils to make the preparation healthier. 


  • First, rinse and soak the lentils, like urad dal and rice, separately for up to 4-5 hours.
  • Grind the soaked rice and urad dal into a delicate batter, adding some water.
  • Mix the two batters into a fluffy consistency.
  • For fermentation, let the batter sit at room temperature for at least 8 hours and at most 10. 
  • Later, add some cumin and salt for taste.
  • You might know those round idli steaming pots available in the market. So, get one of those. 
  • Add the batter to the pan and steam cook for 15-18 minutes.
  • Finally, take the cooked, steamy, and fluffy idli out of the pan and serve hot with sambar and chutney.

Ragi Chapati

Many of us love to have roti/paratha/chapati in our diet, especially at breakfast. But, instead of going for the regular roti, why not go for one more on the healthier side?

Well, we’ve got ragi chapati here for you. Now, this version of chapati is yummy and loaded with various minerals and fibre. Moreover, its role in enhancing our metabolism is just beyond words.

Such a breakfast is ideal for weight loss. Furthermore, this dish has an abundant source of calcium, strengthening our bones and teeth.

Also, a recent study says that ragi flour is famous for being diabetes-friendly and for those suffering from obesity. So, without hesitation, schedule this dish for a perfect Thursday.


  • Just like you knead the flour for any traditional roti, here, too, take some ragi flour. Then, add chopped onion, jeera, fresh coriander, green chilli and anardana/ amchur for a bit of zing.
  • Mix it well and knead gently till a soft dough is formed.
  • Let it rest for some while.
  • Then, make some small balls of that kneaded flour and flatten them by rolling them on the flour. To mitigate the sticky situations, you may use dry flour while flattening the balls into rotis.
  • Finally, cook them in the roti pan using some ghee.
  • Serve with a bowl of curd. 


Being one of India’s best weight loss breakfast preparations, Cheela is a name that does not need introduction among fitness freaks. The basic ingredient here is besan which is chickpea flour which is rich in proteins. Now, it resembles a dosa in its appearance. 

Cheela improves satiety. As a result, one can observe a decline in their cravings for snacks during the day. It is an essential step towards losing weight.

Also, it keeps you metabolically healthy, ensuring glucose regulation, burning off extra calories, hormones regulation and strengthening of muscles. 

This study will give you a glimpse of the nutritional values of besan. Thus, cheela has more benefits than just putting a check on weight. So Friday now becomes cheela day. That’s impressive, right?


  • Speaking about its making, procure some besan. 
  • Later, chop vegetables of your choice as well as some ginger and cilantro, and add them to the besan along with salt. 
  • Later, mix them up with some water into a good batter consistency. 
  • Next, spread a ladle of batter on a pan, just like you do with the traditional dosas and cook till done. 
  • To add more spice, one can enjoy cheela with any of their favourite chutney. 
  • Oh! Even raita will sound equally delicious. 

Bajra Khichdi

Before any other thing, let’s begin with acknowledging that millets are super rich in fibre. And every nutritionist suggests any dish made of millet to those who want to lose weight.

Bajra khichdi, which has millet as its essential ingredient, is perfect for losing fat. Regardless, khichdi gives all of us that nostalgic feeling of our childhood. So, having this breakfast at least once a week will preserve our good old days and enhance our health.

This millet khichdi is a rich source of fortifying amino acids, calcium, etc. Well, there we go, again, strong muscles and bones. This study lets you know of the health benefits that millets provide. Hereon, make your Saturday more pleasing by serving hot bajra khichdi as your breakfast.


  • Acquire almost 1/2 cup of bajra and grind it into a coarse powder.
  • Now add some water to that coarse bajra and rinse it off.
  • Later drain the water and keep the contents aside.
  • Meanwhile, take 1/2 cup of moong dal. Wash, rinse and soak it in clean water.
  • Heat ghee in a pressure cooker.. 
  • Add cumin to the ghee, followed by green chilis.
  • Subsequently, add the drained bajra and stir it well.
  • Now goes the asafoetida, too; just a pinch is enough. Also, add turmeric powder.
  • Add moong dal and water to boil and cook the bajra and moong dal.
  • Pressure cook until you get 4-5 whistles.
  • That’s it! Serve your bajra khichdi hot with curd or buttermilk.

Vegetable Upma

Are you looking for a breakfast option that keeps you full until the clock strikes afternoon? If the answer is yes, you must try this vegetable upma. Many Indians are familiar with upma, which is famous for its simplicity and yumminess. 

Semolina, locally popular as sooji, the main ingredient of vegetable upma, is renowned for having good carbs. Moreover, a recent study shows that it supplies people with proteins, fibre and iron to keep us active all day. With relatively more fibre, this dish provides satiety and mitigates their hunger pangs by slowing down the process of digestion. 


  • Chop your favourite veggies, including ginger, and cook them in a nonstick pan with little oil or ghee
  • You can use a tadka of kadi patta, cashew and mustard
  • Later, add sufficient water, salt, and then the semolina. 
  • Wait till the semolina boils and cooks. 
  • Ooh!! Yumminess is in the air while nutrition fills your home and body. 
  • So, plan for a healthy yet tasty breakfast this Sunday with this vegetable upma at your go.


It is no secret that water plays an unimaginable role in keeping one’s weight in check. Apart from water, there are some other beverages that you can consume without adding sugar

. Here we go:

The HealthifyMe Note

You must keep yourself hydrated all day along with the foods mentioned above. A glass of water on waking up or a walk after emptying your bowels in the morning, kick starts your metabolism. Have healthy and nutritious breakfast immediately on return and keep moving throughout the day to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. 

Talk with your Nutritionist

The following list will let you know the available items that promote weight loss. Hence, you can include them in your diet next time without any second guesses.

Nevertheless, as you can see, the data below includes measurement and calorie count. Moreover, their approximate nutritional value in calories is from the study

  • Eggs (1 Whole) – 66 Calories
  • Salmon(28gms) – 142 Calories
  • Beans (28gms) – 347 Calories
  • Cauliflower(250gms) – 25 to 37 Calories
  • Broccoli (250gms) – 224 Calories
  • Cabbage (250gms) – 65 Calories
  • Spinach(250gms) – 211 Calories
  • Nuts and Seeds (250gms) – 567 to 707 Calories
  • Berries (250gms) – 57 to 75 Calories
  • Apples (1 pack) – 125 Calories
  • Avocado (28gms) – 50 to 160 Calories
  • Raw Bananas (28gms) – 32 Calories
  • Oats (125gms) – 218 Calories


Losing weight is not just about beauty or glamour. Maintaining a healthy yet fit body increases our confidence, makes us immune to diseases and keeps us active.

Apart from going to the gym and doing all those crazy workouts, one can start losing weight just by making modifications in eating habits.  

A well-planned nutritious meal accompanied with exercises and lifestyle changes under supervision of experts works wonders for weight loss. And everyone’s day begins with breakfast. So, step towards a healthy life from your home with healthy breakfast foods for weight loss.

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