5 Simple Ways To Fit More Rest & Relaxation Into Your Crazy Holiday Schedule 

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November 1, 2022

With holidays around the corner, we’re officially in the calm before the storm. We’re bracing ourselves for crowded malls and supermarkets; relatives rolling into town; and a kitchen covered in cookies and frosting. No doubt, the holidays can be blissful (just point us toward the eggnog and ugly sweaters), but before we know it, our schedules will be lit up like a Christmas tree.

The thing is: We don’t have to lose ourselves in the holiday frenzy. This time of year can be restful and relaxing if we simply prioritize more sleep and less stress. Journaling by a glowing fire? Supporting our body with the latest stress and sleep supplements from The Vitamin Shoppe? Not only does a little self-care go a long way, it can further stoke the holiday spirit. With that in mind, we’ve compiled five simple (and seasonal!) ways to squeeze in that you-time before the new year.

Five simple ways to rest & relax this holiday:

1. Nurture your stress levels with a supplement routine.

Wrapping gifts, decorating the house, the company party… There’s no shortage of stressors during the holidays. We may not be able to shorten our to-do list, but we can make sure our body is supported inside and out. First things first: Do you have a regular supplement regimen that supports higher-than-usual stress levels?

Solaray’s Sharpmind Stress formula is designed with Shoden® ashwagandha, L-theanine, GABA, and shiitake mushrooms to support occasional stress and a peaceful mind.* These capsules are the perfect way to start the day on a calm note.* But for those unexpected traffic jams or last minute grocery store runs—Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops are perfect to keep on-hand. This famous flower essence formula was developed to support stress levels and bolster a sense of calm and control.* We can always use a helping hand this time of year, and it starts with these stress support supplements found at The Vitamin Shoppe.

2. Journal next to a crackling fire to let off some steam.

As hectic as holidays can be, they come with plenty of moments and rituals to celebrate. Consider the joy of nostalgic tunes playing in the background, a warm cup of cocoa (extra marshmallows), and a crackling fire… Or all three at once. Create a festive ambiance for yourself, grab your journal, and claim some much deserved you-time. Use your journal to vent about the anxiousness weighing you down, or as an opportunity to list out everything you’re grateful for. 

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3. Gift yourself an earlier bedtime.

Nothing will benefit us more this winter than our prized eight-hours of sleep. And yet, how often do we stay up past bedtime wrapping presents or sipping spiced cocktails? Commit to a regular sleep schedule, or even bump your bedtime back thirty minutes. Go the extra mile by adding Natrol’s Sleep + Immune Health gummies to your pre-bedtime routine. Not only is it formulated with melatonin to help you fall asleep, it has elderberry extract and a blend of zinc plus vitamins C and D for immune support.*

Natrol’s Sleep + Immune Health

Natrol Sleep + Immune Health has melatonin and elderberry extract to help you fall asleep and keep a healthy immune system.

4. Do some restorative yoga under holiday lights.

When our schedule gets crammed, exercise and self-care are often the first things to go. Break up the busy pace by treating yourself to a little restorative yoga. Even better: Do it under twinkling holiday lights. Whether it’s knotted shoulders or tight hips, we tend to store stress in the body. So grab your blankets, bolsters, and blocks, and enjoy a slow and deep stretch sesh à la mood lighting. 


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5. Schedule time for stillness.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and schedule time for stillness. Whether it’s a half-hour in the morning before the world wakes up or a quick ten-minute break in the afternoon, penciling in time to simply “be” can keep you grounded amidst the holiday mayhem. Use these moments to nap, meditate, or sip a warming cup of tea. If it’s hard for you to slow down, add Bach’s Pastilles to the mix. With a soothing orange and elderflower flavor, these natural stress relief lozenges have been used for generations to inspire relaxation and big, deep breaths.*

Bach’s Pastilles

These natural stress relief lozenges have been used for generations to inspire relaxation.*

More sleep, less stress.

As the holidays approach, we’re all dreaming of a season that doesn’t leave our tank on empty—and all it takes is a little intention. Whether that means throwing on the flannel jammies and crawling in bed earlier, or adding in supplements from The Vitamin Shoppe, there’s no better gift to give yourself than more sleep and less stress. Spending this time of year fully rested and relaxed? That’s what we mean when we say happy holidays. 

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