Singh Dhillon came, saw, and conquered in Valletta, Malta.

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In the spring on 2023, powerlifter Inderraj Singh Dhillon put himself within shouting distance of one of strength sports’ more hallowed marks — the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) raw World Record deadlift in the 120-kilogram division. When the athlete successfully pulled 385.5 kilograms (849.8 pounds) for the British powerlifting record and matched the World Record in the process in late March 2023, it was suddenly a distinct possibility that his name would dot the top of the global record books. That possibility is now a clear-eyed reality.

On June 11-18, 2023, during his debut at the 2023 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Valletta, Malta, Singh Dhillon locked out a raw 386-kilogram (850.9-pound) deadlift while competing in his 120-kilogram class. The milestone is officially an IPF World Record. The number surpasses Singh Dhillon’s peer, Bryce Krawczyk, who deadlifted 385.5 kilograms (849.9 pounds) at the 2021 edition of the IPF World Championships. Singh Dhillon wore a lifting belt and completed his massive pull from a conventional stance while utilizing a mixed grip.

Thanks to his record pull, Singh Dhillon would eventually finish with third place in the 120-kilogram division. Singh Dhillon’s countryman, Tony Cliffe, took home the top title in the category. Nevertheless, for Singh Dhillon to finish on the podium and score a monstrous record in his IPF Worlds debut is no small feat.

Here’s an overview of the top stats from Singh Dhillon’s performance:

Inderraj Singh Dhillon (120KG) | 2023 IPF Worlds Top Stats

  • Squat — 340 kilograms (749.6 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 180 kilograms (396.8 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 386 kilograms (850.9 pounds) | IPF World Record
  • Total — 906 kilograms (1,997.3 pounds)

While he still has a ways to go, Singh Dhillon has now put himself within official earshot of becoming the first 120-kilogram powerlifter ever to deadlift at least 400 kilograms (881.8 pounds) raw.

In a post on his Instagram, Singh Dhillon reflected on his performance. The athlete seemed taken aback by the gravitas of the moment on an international stage but appeared appreciative of what he just experienced and accomplished.

“What an incredible experience surrounded by the strongest from around the world,” Singh Dhillon wrote. “The speed of the competition was astounding, and we capped it all off with a 120-kilogram World record deadlift at 386 kilograms and the biggest pull of the competition! Thank you, Maharaj!”

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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