When it’s time for a workout, I typically pick something that gets me out of my home, which also doubles as my office. I relish a change of scenery and often choose to break a sweat outside, whether that’s by running, walking, hiking, or biking. Sometimes, to switch things up, I’ll go to the gym to swim, strength train, or take a yoga or indoor cycling class—the camaraderie of which makes it easier for me to push myself.

But as anyone with a busy schedule can tell you, it’s not always possible to get out of the house for a quick session, which can make at-home workouts come in clutch. In fact, for tons of folks they really are the best-slash-preferred way to fit in exercise, in large part because they save you time and the hassle of commuting. Plus, a recent influx of smart fitness equipment means at-home workouts are becoming more advanced and better able to replicate the experience of an in-person session.

So when I got the chance to test out the Lululemon Studio Mirror, I was intrigued yet skeptical. Could this be the at-home fitness tech that finally changes my mind?

About the Lululemon Studio Mirror

The Lululemon Studio Mirror is aptly named: It’s a full-length mirror that, once switched on and paired with the Lululemon Studio app, turns into a giant screen where you can stream at-home workouts. The instructor appears on the screen as a cut-out figure, which leaves ample space so you can see yourself and compare your form to what’s being demoed.

Through the Lululemon Studio app, you can stream an impressive variety of content to the Studio Mirror, including 19 different workout genres (think: barre, boxing, cardio, dance, yoga, strength, and tai chi) as well as content from eight big-name fitness studios, such as DogpoundPure BarreY7, and Rumble Boxing. You can take Lululemon Studio classes live or on-demand; those from other fitness studios are prerecorded and available on-demand only.

Lululemon Studio Membership

The basic Lululemon Studio Mirror is priced at $995, and the Lululemon Studio app membership costs an additional $39 per month with a one-year minimum commitment. With your subscription you can add up to five household members—each of whom can have their own profile—to your account for no additional cost.

How I Tested

I tested a sample of the Studio Mirror courtesy of the Lululemon team. My review is guided by SELF’s expert-recommended criteria for evaluating high-tech at-home fitness systems, which includes factors such as equipment requirements, instructor credentials, and the quality of the display and instruction.

Over the course of three weeks, I took 11 classes on the Studio Mirror that ranged in length (5 to 45 minutes), difficulty level (beginner to advanced), and workout type (Pilates, barre, strength, chair yoga, bodyweight Tabata, and more). Here’s my full Lululemon Studio Mirror review.

First Impression

A delivery and installation team brought the Studio Mirror to my home and set it up in a corner of the basement that my fiancé and I jokingly refer to as “the dungeon” due to the minimal natural light and lackluster ambiance. The process was incredibly seamless and took about 10 minutes tops. I was impressed off the bat with how visually appealing the Studio Mirror is: The carbon steel frame is coated in a mineral bronze powder, which gives the product a sophisticated look, and there’s a nice sepia tint to the screen, which adds an extra-luxe feel.