In the search for sleep aids, I was looking for something that felt gentle and natural. I’ve tried a number of herbal blends and plant-based sleep solutions in the past, but none of them really felt like they were working for me.

I’ve been a longtime reader of mindbodygreen and am very interested in all things health and wellness, so when I heard mbg’s co-founder Jason Wachob talk about sleep support+, I thought “That’s it!” The non-melatonin formula of magnesium bisglycinate, jujube, and PharmaGABA® really appealed to me.

I first ordered the supplement about a year ago. In that time, I’ve found it to be so helpful when I’m traveling.* In addition to following the standard jet lag protocol of exposing myself to light and darkness at the right times, taking sleep support+ has made it much easier to adjust to new time zones.*

I also use the supplement to support my sleep when I’m back in the Middle East. While I used to be able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere as a kid, it’s become much harder as I’ve gotten older. I have a full-time job in marketing and also teach yoga on the side, so my days are pretty packed.

I need to consistently get a good night’s rest, or the next day—or even the next week—is ruined. Teaching yoga classes is really my passion in life, but I’ve had to cancel some in the past because I just haven’t had the energy, which is always disappointing.

Now, sleep support+ has been helping me wake up with sustained energy, morning after morning.* I am confident that I’m going to feel good the next day after taking this product, which is something I could never say about melatonin.*