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mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

How To Navigate The September 2020 Mars Retrograde

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April 28, 2023

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Odds are you know your sun sign and maybe even your moon sign, but have you ever looked into your Mars sign? This fiery red planet relates to how you approach taking action, what motivates you, and even your sex drive—and if you or someone you know has their Mars in Virgo, here’s what to keep in mind.


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Understanding Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo keywords:

  • Precise
  • Effective
  • Detail-oriented
  • Discerning
  • Independent
  • Organized/systematic
  • Service-oriented
  • Health-oriented
  • Cautious
  • Intellectual


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In order to understand Mars in Virgo, let’s first break down what this planet and the sign of Virgo are all about.

Mars, for one thing, is a fiery, masculine planet that governs themes like action, energy, survival, sex, and desire. It speaks to what turns us on, and further, what inspires us to take action. While it may not be as “center-stage” as your sun or rising sign, it’s still an important factor to your birth chart.

And in terms of earth sign Virgo, this is a mutable, feminine sign that’s all about health, service, modesty, and minding the details of anything and everything. It’s ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and communication, which makes Virgo the more logical and intellectual of the earth signs.

Put it all together and Mars in Virgo is an extremely efficient placement—so long as these folks don’t get too hung up on the details. As astrologer Desiree Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, people with Mars in Virgo can be perfectionists, which can lead them to put undo pressure on themselves, their projects, and even other people. “It’s like if they can’t get it perfect they won’t do it at all,” she explains.

But overall, according to Roby Antila, people with Mars in Virgo are very precise and effective, and take great joy in being of service to others. Because Virgo tends to be a sign that thinks it knows best (which let’s be honest, it often does), someone with a Mars in Virgo may be quick to lend a helping hand to others, even when it wasn’t asked for, she notes.

To that end, they need to watch out for taking on too much in their lives, their relationships, and at work, but wherever it is they apply themselves, you can be sure they’ll do their best to get the most efficient results possible.

Mars in Virgo in love

When it comes to relationships, according to Roby Antila, don’t be surprised if it takes a Mars in Virgo a little more time than others to warm up, or if you have to make the first move. This is a placement that’s known for its modesty as well as its discernment, so they can be picky (and perhaps even a bit reserved) when it comes to dating.

“If you know you meet somebody who has a Mars in Virgo, you may have to take the lead or initiate so they can feel more comfortable in moving forward as well because they’re pretty cautious,” Roby Antila explains, adding sometimes they need a push to get out of their comfort zone.

Once they are smitten, however, this is a placement that understands the importance of commitment, dedication, and hard work. In fact, someone who can offer them that stability and commitment back in practical, sensible ways is often exactly what Mars in Virgo is looking for.

If you’re with someone who has Mars in Virgo, know that this perfection-seeking sign may apply that streak to the relationship as well. While they may give out unsolicited advice, it’s only because helping others is their ultimate love language.

And speaking of language, given that Virgo is ruled by intellectual Mercury, one of the quickest ways to turn on a Mars in Virgo is to get their mental wheels spinning with stimulating conversation. Teach them something, make them laugh, or flex your intelligence, and they’ll likely be into it.

Of course, life can’t always be about constantly fixing and improving everything, and Roby Antila says Mars in Virgo would serve themselves well in their relationships to loosen up. Whether in the bedroom or with the delegation of chores around the house, she explains, “learning to let go, relax more, and be spontaneous are all really important things.”

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Mars in Virgo in their career

In the workplace, Mars in Virgo knows how to get a job done well. Again, they can be perfectionists, so they might prefer to work alone since few can meet their incredibly high standards. They may also do well in managerial positions because they’re inclined toward organization, editing, and general fine-tuning of processes and workflow.

One thing they do need to watch out for, however, is overworking themselves, according to Roby Antila. “That’s a huge problem with Mars being in Virgo—they just take on way too much stuff—and they’re not good at asking for help,” she says, adding, “Sometimes they don’t want help because nobody can do it as good as them, but they are really hard workers.”

Their strength is in perfecting the details, but they can lose sight of the big picture, Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, so they have to make sure they don’t get so hung up on something small that they wind up missing a deadline.

With Virgo being a sign of health and service, here are a handful of careers in which they would likely thrive (but keep in mind that the midheaven of a birth chart tends to relate more to career):

  • Health care
  • Surgery
  • Mental health professions
  • Project managing
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Forestry
  • Urban planning
  • Research


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How to thrive

In terms of how to thrive, as you might imagine, Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen that Mars in Virgo must walk the fine line between being detail-oriented and missing the big picture. Your ability to perfect the details is certainly a strength, but sometimes we must all practice acceptance of what is.

“Some people with Mars in Virgo are just very restless and high strung, so they need to set a time every day to, like, relax and unwind,” she suggests.

And speaking of being restless (that’s Virgo’s Mercurial mind for you), Roby Antila also notes people with Mars in Virgo need an outlet to exert their seemingly endless energy—and stress. In fact, physical exercise may be just what this placement needs to help them relax. A tired body can only worry about things so much, after all.


What is Mars in Virgo attracted to?

Mars in Virgo is attracted to people who are stable, sensible, and practical, who seem like they have their lives together and do not shy away from commitment.

What does Mars in Virgo mean in love?

Mars in Virgo can be a bit reserved when it comes to love, and they may need a partner who initiates and/or pushes them out of their comfort zone.

Is Virgo good for Mars?

Yes, Mars in Virgo makes for a diligent and hardworking Mars sign, though they need to watch out for being high-strung and stress-ridden.

What is the weakness of Mars in Virgo?

Mars in Virgo’s weakness is “missing the forest for the trees,” aka getting too hung up on perfecting details and missing the big picture.


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The takeaway

People with Mars in Virgo are some of the most organized and independent people you’ll ever meet—just don’t be surprised if their quest for perfection never ends.


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