Nasar cemented his place as perhaps weightlifting’s brightest young star.

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The saying “kill two birds with one stone” usually applies to a person successfully accomplishing two routine tasks in one fell swoop. Weightlifter Karlos Nasar might want to consider adopting that phrase to “break four World Records with one lift” after his performance at the 2023 European Weightlifting Championships (EWC) in Yerevan, Armenia.

To close his output in the 89-kilogram weight class, Nasar successfully clean & jerked 221 kilograms (487.2 pounds) for a World Record. The record feat of strength not only earned Nasar the 89-kilogram gold medal, it helped him break four Junior and Senior World Records in his division with a single lift. Perhaps more importantly, it may have officially painted the Bulgarian athlete as one of the premier young faces of weightlifting.

Here are the four World Records that Nasar’s staggering 221-kilogram (487.2-pound) clean & jerk record lift allowed him to break in the 89-kilogram weight class:

  • Junior World Record Clean & Jerk
  • Junior World Record Total
  • Senior World Record Clean & Jerk
  • Senior World Record Total

Nasar was already in possession of three of these four World Records and merely extended his dominance of the division. With an all-time competition best snatch of 174 kilograms (383.6 pounds) in the account, Nasar’s total of 395 kilograms (870.8 pounds) officially eclipsed competitive rival Antonino Pizzolato’s past Senior World record 89-kilogram total. Pizzolato withdrew from competing in the 2023 EWC at the last minute. Nasar’s snatch was also a Junior World Record in the 89-kilogram division, marking his fifth record of the contest.

Here’s an overview of the 89-kilogram podium at the 2023 EWC and the athletes’ respective top totals:

2023 European Weightlifting Championships | 89KG Podium

  1. Karlos Nasar (Bulgaria) — 395kilogram (870.8-pound) total | (174-kilogram/383.6-pound snatch and 221-kilogram/487.2-pound clean & jerk)
  2. Andranik Karapetyan (Armenia) — 374-kilogram (824.5-pound) total | (178-kilogram/392.4-pound snatch and 196-kilogram/432.1-pound clean & jerk)
  3. Marin Robu (Moldova) — 364kilogram (802.4-pound) total (166-kilogram/365.9-pound snatch and 198-kilogram/436.5-pound clean & jerk)

On an official basis, his multiple World Records aside, Nasar outperformed his peers by a dominant 21-kilogram (46.2-pound) margin to win the 89-kilogram gold medal at the 2023 EWC.

It’s potentially mind-blowing to consider, but Nasar is still just 18 years old. Despite his youth, he’s already a clear weightlifting powerhouse. He seems to be making an early case as one of the greatest weightlifters of all time. With what feels like a prolific career ahead of him, this 2023 EWC performance might end up only being a footnote in Nasar’s resume.

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