I can’t stand cold weather. And as much as I love running, once temperatures drop, the days get short, and there’s ice on the ground, I’ll do whatever I can to avoid running outside, and simply hit the treadmill instead. So each year, after months of exercising indoors, I find myself anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring. As soon as temperatures begin creeping upward and green buds emerge on the trees, I’m looking to take my workouts outside—and add in some fresh new music to kick off the spring season. (And yes, I know spring technically started in March, but it’s been pretty damn chilly until recently.)

This week’s playlist is packed with happy tracks, thumping beats, and pop-friendly remixes that will absolutely make you wanna move. On this list you’ll find hits you can sing along to from Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, and Kesha, plus remixes from Troye Sivan, Hailee Steinfeld, Lizzo, and more. 

There’s one song on this list in particular, Daft Punk’s classic “Around the World,” which is just over seven minutes long (really). I added this one for the runners out there, but it’s great for all kinds of cardio. Often, when I’m on a many-mile run, I find myself looking for repetitive electronic beats as a way to take my mind off how long I’ve been running and help me zone out. There’s something about a steady rhythm and endless sampling loop that puts me into a meditative state. So that’s the point of this track. When it comes on, try to let your mind wander. Take your eyes off the clock. Tune out. It might make the time pass a whole lot faster. And if electronica really isn’t your thing, feel free to just skip to the next song.

Whatever type of workout you choose to do, I hope you’re able to get outside and enjoy some pleasant spring weather this month.

Full playlist: