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By Braelyn Wood

mbg Deputy Commerce Editor

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Kopari Friends & Family Sale

April 14, 2023

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Building a quality skin care routine takes time, patience, and, much to our dismay, a chunk of change. Whether you’re hunting down ingredients for skin longevity or seeking a solution for congested pores, finding clean, effective products on a budget can be a struggle. But thanks to Kopari’s Friends & Family sale, you have a chance to snag the brand’s entire lineup of skin, hair, and body products for 20% off.

Along with savings on Kopari’s best-selling coconut oil—which mindbodygreen previously named one of the best coconut oils for skin—the sitewide markdowns extend to the beauty brand’s most recent launch: the Sun Shield Soft Glow Daily Face SPF 30. Dropped just in time for summer, the face sunscreen packs vitamin E to protect from free radicals and incorporates pearlescent minerals for an added glow.  

Of course, there are so many other splurge-worthy items available for less right now, including aluminum-free deodorant, cleansing oil, toner, and eye balm. But there is a downside to so much selection; finding the best deals to shop for less can be an overwhelming process. Rather than sifting through product descriptions, check out our beauty team’s curated shopping list of the items that they’d actually buy from Kopari’s sale

The 6 best products in Kopari’s Friends & Family sale:

Rose Gold Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 45


  • Broad spectrum SPF with UVA & UVP rays
  • Contains moisturizing oils

How to use: Apply every 2 hours

Considerations: Fragrance-freeRecyclable

Size: 5-ounce

Deal: Save $8

“This SPF 45 makes my skin seriously glow. Not only does it include nourishing oils, like hibiscus and macadamia, to moisturize and smooth but it also adds sustainably sourced mica to brighten and even skin tone. Most sunscreens make me look quite chalky (a small price to pay for optimal sun protection, but still), but this is one that doubles as a luminizer. A summer must-have, IMO.” —Jamie Schneider, associate beauty editor 

Niacinamide & caffeine eye bright cream


  • Niacinamide & caffiene blend
  • Targets dark circles & puffiness

How to use: Apply a pea-sized amount after cleansing

Considerations: Fragrance-freeRecyclableDermatologist-tested

Size: 0.5-ounce

Deal: Save $7

“Some eye creams are formulated to brighten dark circles, others reduce puffiness. It’s not often you find one that does both, but this product fits the bill. Niacinamide works to ease those pesky purple-ish half moons under the eyes while caffeine depuffs. Altogether, it’s no surprise the formula has been clinically proven to ease both concerns after just one month of use.” — Hannah Frye, assistant beauty editor


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KP Body Bumps Be Gone With 10% AHA Clarifying Body Scrub


  • 10% AHA chemical exfoliants to loose & remove dead skin
  • Jojoba seed oil adds hydration

How to use: Apply to body; complete patch test for sensitive skin

Considerations: Recyclable

Size: 8.5-ounce

Deal: Save $5

“As someone who has struggled with keratosis pilaris (KP) for years, I’m always on the hunt for products that may reduce its appearance and smooth the bumpy texture. This body scrub combines gentle physical exfoliants with 10% AHA (a chemical exfoliator) to combat dead skin buildup. Add its nearly perfect rating, and the body scrub has easily earned a place in my shopping cart.” —Frye

Kopari Performance Plus Aluminum-Free Deodorant


  • 24-hour protection without aluminum
  • Fragranced like fresh linen with orange & lemon notes

How to use: Apply to dry underarms

Considerations: RecyclableAluminum-free

Size: 2.2-ounce

Deal: Save $4

“I’m not new to the aluminum-free deo game, but when warmer weather rolls around, I’m looking for one that really puts in the work—and I think this extra-strength version of Kopari’s classic coconut deodorant (a cult-hit) is up to the task.” —Schneider


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California Glow Enzyme Scrub


  • Combines AHAs & BHAs with biodegradable physical exfoliants

How to use: Apply quarter-sized amout to dry skin & massage in circular motions to activate

Considerations: Fragrance-freeRecyclableVegan

Size: 1.5-ounce

Deal: Save $6

“For those with sensitive skin, enzymes offer a gentle exfoliation without the irritation that often comes from traditional chemical exfoliants, like AHAs and BHAs. Papaya and pineapple enzymes gently slough off dead skin cells, while the fine biodegradable polish reveals a smoother texture instantly. To top it off, pantheonol and coconut milk support the skin barrier and sooth—what more could you ask for in a gentle scrub?” — Frye

Moisturizing Lip Glossy With Shea Butter & Coconut Oil


  • Available in 6 hues
  • Combines moisturizing shea butter, organic coconut oil, & squalane
  • Shine without stickiness

How to use: Squeeze tip & glide across lips

Considerations: RecyclableVegan

Size: 0.4-ounce

Deal: Save $3

“This product offers a glossy finish, but it doubles as a lip moisturizer, too. The formula is packed with hydrating, clinically studied ingredients like shea butter extract and vitamin E, which are amazing for lip hydration. Plus, it comes in a sheer pink tint or watermelon fragrance for an extra splash of fun.” —Frye


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The takeaway

Regardless of your final selections, it’s hard to go wrong with Kopari’s lineup of sustainability-focused beauty products. Just be sure to snag your discount before the sale ends on April 16—and score a free set of mini products on orders over $60.