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By Hannah Frye

mbg Assistant Beauty Editor

Hannah Frye is the Assistant Beauty Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. in journalism and a minor in women’s, gender, and queer studies from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Hannah has written across lifestyle sections including health, wellness, sustainability, personal development, and more.

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April 13, 2023

Most of us don’t treat our body skin quite as well as our facial skin. To be fair, there is way more surface area, so it’s not exactly easy to layer a retinol or vitamin C serum on your entire body or commit to a daily full-body gua sha ritual. Still, this means you may have never expected your body skin to look as dewy and supple as your facial skin—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

To come, three quick ways to support dewy body skin, so your chest, arms, and legs can appear just as glowy as your face: 


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The first tip is a personal favorite: dry brushing. This quick and easy daily ritual can encourage smoother, brighter skin via gentle physical exfoliation. Plus, while the dry brush sloughs off dead skin cells, you’re simultaneously encouraging lymphatic drainage throughout the body (and healthy circulation often results in glowing skin). 

Experts recommend dry brushing your whole body before you hop in the shower. Use long strokes, always moving toward your heart for optimal drainage. You can check out our full guide here for a step-by-step tutorial.


Take collagen supplements

What’s one thing your face and body skin have in common? They’re both made up of collagen. So while collagen supplements are often marketed toward improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, they support tighter, more hydrated skin all around


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People that have dewy, radiant facial skin often follow at least one basic rule: Moisturize twice a day (ideally with SPF in the morning). While it may seem like a lot of work to slather your body in lotion twice daily, it will make a significant difference in the look and feel of your skin. 

The catch? You’ll have to find a body lotion or body cream you absolutely love. For a smooth application, look for rich plant butters like mango seed butter, shea butter, and slippery botanical oils like coconut oil, vitamin E, and squalane

The takeaway

If you treat your body skin just as well as your face, you’ll see the dewy results soon enough. Try dry brushing, add a collagen supplement to your routine, and moisturize morning and evening to secure plump, smooth skin all over. Not sure if a body cream or body lotion is better for your skin? Here’s how to know.