Dauda continues to show why he’ll be a top Olympia contender.

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After shocking the bodybuilding world by winning the 2023 Arnold Classic (AC), Samson Dauda appears to be keeping his nose to the fitness grindstone. At this rate, with stated lofty ambitions of capturing the 2023 Mr. Olympia title in early November, Dauda’s diligence may well pay off. That is, according to a recent tease of his current physique.

On Apr. 8, 2023, during the 10X Ben Weider 2023 contest in Maidenhead, UK, Dauda appeared as a guest poser on stage. Even while the rising superstar didn’t formally compete, it’s still apparent his ongoing training is paying off with a hulking physique. A short clip of Dauda’s impressive posing was shared on Instagram via photographer Viktor Källberg (@vkallbergphoto).

Dauda’s guest posing appearance is probably more of a culmination than an outright shock to anyone who has paid attention to his recent exploits. His reflection speaks more to someone who has their eye on a bigger prize while hoping to leave the ladder behind for peers who could follow in his footsteps.

He’s no longer an “outsider,” so to speak.

“We had such an amazing time at [the 10X] Ben Weider Pro qualifier this past weekend,” Dauda wrote on Instagram. “It was motivating watching up and coming athletes battle it out showing us all how hard they’ve worked to take the stage and earn their pro cards. It was truly a great event and a fun day.”

After winning the 2023 AC, there’s a clear pattern to a meteoric rise for Dauda.

According to NPC News Online, Dauda’s first notable appearance on the scene might be his second-place finish at the 2020 Monsterzym Pro and a top-five result at the 2020 Europa Pro, respectively. Dauda would follow that competitive year by finishing in at least the top three in each of the 2021 Arnold Classic UK, the 2021 Yamamoto Pro, and the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro.

Then, in 2022, after earning his first-ever berth to an Olympia contest, the bodybuilder finished in sixth place behind notable titans like eventual champion Hadi Choopan, runner-up Derek Lunsford, and third-place finisher Nick Walker.

All of that said, Dauda’s 2023 AC triumph appears to have acted as an early-career zenith. It’s no wonder some bodybuilding icons have begun to hype up his 2023 Olympia victory chances. It’s also no shock that Dauda is feeding into the hype, using the pressure of higher expectations as motivation to follow through on his recent momentum.

Until his 2023 AC win, Dauda would have had to earn a new roster berth for the 2023 Olympia. Instead, the AC victory not only gave him qualification for the 2023 flagship contest, it built his profile. It elevated the reputation he now possesses as an elite bodybuilder and gave him breathing room to focus on climbing the tallest summit in bodybuilding.

Something says this recent guest posing appearance won’t be the last jaw-dropping Olympia teaser Dauda shares with his contemporaries.

Featured image: @samson__dauda on Instagram