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Peacock Spirit Animal

March 27, 2023

Whether peacocks are starting to appear everywhere you go of you’re just curious about their symbolism, there’s no doubt this majestic, regal bird is eye-catching. And it turns out, they have rich symbolism and may just be communicating a message to you. Here’s what to know the next time this winged-creature appears.


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What do peacocks symbolize?

Peacock symbolism is rich and varied with numerous meanings across many cultures. Namely, these birds have been symbols of royalty throughout history.

As psychologist and intuitive Matthias Dettmann tells mindbodygreen, “Peacock symbolism communicates themes of beauty, self-expression, confidence, royalty, and spirituality.” And according to Johanna Aúgusta, numerologist and owner of the Ministry of Numerology, “Peacock symbolism has many meanings, including creativity, regrowth, and renewal.”

If you start to see peacocks often, whether live birds or images, this could be a sign to pay more attention to what’s going on in your life. According to celebrity psychic Deborah Graham, “Peacocks symbolize the seven chakras of the body; they contain extremely powerful energy that can keep away the evil eye.” 

Peacock symbolism in different cultures

Peacocks are an important symbol in many cultures and religions, with just as many different meanings. As Aúgusta notes, “The spiritual meanings associated with peacocks are varied, but all have one thing in common: They represent something special that should be respected and admired.”


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In Buddhism:

Aúgusta tells mindbodygreen that in Buddhism, “peacocks are seen as symbols of renewal and regrowth.”

In Christianity:

In Christianity, according to Dettmann, peacocks are associated with the resurrection of Christ, “as its feathers were believed to symbolize the imperishable and incorruptible nature of the soul.”

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In Celtic spirituality:

In Celtic culture, Aúgusta tells mindbodygreen, peacocks represent freedom and liberation of the soul.

In Chinese culture:

The peacock is associated with peace, prosperity, and happiness in Chinese culture, according to Dettmann, “and its feathers are used in feng shui to attract positive energy.”


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In Greek mythology:

“In Greek mythology, the peacock is associated with the goddess Hera, who was known for her beauty, pride, and regal bearing,” shares Dettmann.

Keywords associated with peacocks:

  • Beauty
  • Beginnings
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Elegance
  • Protection
  • Pride
  • Renewal
  • Versatility


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5 spiritual meanings behind the peacock:


Beauty and self-expression  

As Dettmann tells mindbodygreen, the vibrant and colorful feathers of the peacock represent beauty and aesthetics, “while its flamboyant display symbolizes self-expression.” 


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Peacock feathers are said to be a reminder “of the beauty of life and a symbol of joy and celebration,” according to Aúgusta.

Peacocks are considered to be powerful creatures with potent energy, and that includes their feathers. Peacock feathers can be used as a form of protection, with Graham noting that having a peacock feather helps you keep away the evil eye. “Keep one in your bedroom to ward off bad spirits,” she adds.


New beginnings and opportunities

According to Aúgusta, seeing peacocks often can signify that it’s “time to open up to new possibilities and trust in yourself more.”

Lastly, the peacock can be symbolic of a transformation or renewal. “Peacocks are associated with spiritual awakening and progress,” Dettmann says. 

What to do if you keep seeing them

Wondering what it could mean if you’ve started seeing peacocks constantly? “If you keep seeing peacocks everywhere,” Dettman notes, “it might indicate that the universe is trying to communicate with you—perhaps to convey a message related to beauty, pride, or spiritual progress.”  

Another meaning could be a person may need to “fly away” from something, or there could be an unhealthy situation that they need to get free from, explains Graham.

If this doesn’t resonate, seeing peacocks may also be a message from the other side. “It can be a loved one trying to communicate as well,” according to Graham, who adds, “They are sending you a sign, telling you that they are there or protecting you from someone or something.”  

If a peacock appears in your dream

Peacocks debuting in your dreams can give perspective and insight. There isn’t a cookie-cutter meaning for peacocks, so they can signify an array of possibilities. However, Aúgusta says, “Dreams featuring peacocks are generally positive signs indicating new life and growth for the dreamer,” adding, “Seeing a peacock in your dream could signify psychological or material richness.” 

And according to Dettmann, “Dreaming of peacocks could be a sign that you are on a path to spiritual growth or that you need to explore your spiritual side.” And since these vibrant and colorful creatures could also symbolize your need for self-expression, he adds, “Dreaming of a peacock could be a sign that you need to express yourself creatively, explore new ideas, or pursue artistic endeavors.” 

What happens in the dream and how the peacock appears also provide a lot of valuable information for dream interpretation. “The appearance of a peacock in a dream can also represent vanity or pride,” shares Aúgusta. “If the peacock raises its tail feathers like a fan, it could mean someone blinds you with beauty or gifts. In this case, the message may be to stay humble and not let pride overtake you.” 


What is the spiritual meaning of a peacock?

The spiritual meaning of a peacock includes beauty, new beginnings, protection, self-expression, as well as a spiritual awakening. 

What does the peacock symbolize in personality?

Peacocks are known to be graceful yet vibrant. Someone with a peacock personality may be described as someone who is confident, likes to be in the spotlight, or has a strong personality. They may also be someone who thrives on attention or needs to be validated.

What is the meaning of the peacock in the Bible?

Peacocks are used as a symbol in the Bible to represent resurrection and immortality. The circle on each feather is similar to an eye and is considered to be an eye of God. 

Which god symbolizes the peacock?

The peacock is revered in many cultures. In different religions, the peacock may serve as an important spiritual or religious figure.

The takeaway

Messages and insight can be communicated through signs from mammals, birds, and insects alike. Observing peacocks frequently may be reminding you about beauty, confidence, pride, renewal, or self-expression.