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By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

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March 6, 2023

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The last full moon of the astrological year has almost arrived, and this time, it’s in the sign of Virgo and will peak on Tuesday, March 7, just before 8 a.m. EDT.

Each full moon is the peak of its respective lunar cycle, offering us an opportunity for reflecting, releasing, and manifesting. But depending on your zodiac sign, we’ll all have something different to expect under this moon. Here’s what each sign needs to know, according to intuitive astrologer Lumi Pelinku.


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Note: Be sure to check your sun and rising sign, and even your moon sign if it resonates.


Aries, this full moon in Virgo lands in your sixth house of health and service (with the sixth house being ruled by Virgo, BTW). It’s essentially like you’re getting a double-dose of Virgo vibes, which Pelinku says makes this a great time to review the state of your daily routines and learn how to connect more intimately with your body by taking care of it through mindfulness. “Cleaning out their living spaces will help their energy levels improve and make room for better work opportunities,” she explains, adding, “Eating high-vibrational foods and integrating a self-care regimen will make them feel more at ease.”


Feeling passionate, Taurus? With the full moon landing in your fifth house of romance, expression, and creativity, love is definitely going to be on your radar. According to Pelinku, you might have some intense feelings around your creative direction, relationships, and children if you have them. “Scheduling a date night or a vacation with your special someone will open avenues of discussion that can lead to clarity regarding the status of the relationship,” she tells mindbodygreen, adding that aligning with feeling instead of logic will instill clarity under this moon.


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Landing in your fourth house of home and roots, Gemini, you might feel particularly domestic under this moon—which isn’t your usual vibe, as one of the more social signs of the zodiac. But as Pelinku explains, “It’s a quiet time, and staying with loved ones will extend an opportunity to rejuvenate from the constant hustle.” She adds that this full moon will also help Geminis express their true feelings regarding all that has accumulated in their subconscious, so don’t be afraid to let your heart lead the way and be honest with yourself and others.


Full moons are virtually always intense for you, Cancer, being the only sign that’s ruled by the moon itself. And because it’s lighting up your third house of the mind, information, and communication, you might feel particularly frazzled under these moonbeams. “It may be a feeling of being overwhelmed by the ideas or information they have been collecting,” Pelinku explains. Be sure to find a way to get some of those thoughts out, perhaps by journaling, or as Pelinku suggests, scheduling a casual outing with friends to let off some steam.

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Landing in your second house of finances and material security, Leo, money is going to be on your mind. And luckily, under a Virgo full moon, you’ll have the capacity to get organized and regroup in these areas. “Tying loose ends regarding finances may be Leo’s highest priority,” Pelinku tells mindbodygreen, adding that getting organized by reviewing the state of your spending habits will lead you to succeed in your ventures. “They can also reel in better financial opportunities if they decide to reinvent their ways of investing,” she adds.


This is your full moon, Virgo, landing in your first house of self, identity, and new beginnings. “As the showrunner of this full moon,” Pelinku tells mindbodygreen, “Virgos will step forward and emanate their shine to the world.” This is a zodiac sign, after all, that works so hard to help others—but under this moon, it’s your turn to own your own space. “It is time to be confident and honor yourself by sharing your message,” she notes, adding that whatever you put all of your energy into at this time has a great chance of manifesting your desired result. (Siri, play “Virgo’s Groove” by Beyoncé!)


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This could feel like a somber, pensive full moon for you, Libra, as it lands in your 12th house of endings, closure, and the subconscious. But don’t fret—full moons are an ideal time for releasing, so lean into it. Pelinku also notes that slowing down and taking stock of your dreams will help your re-center yourself under this moon, as the 12th house relates to the dreamworld as well. “This full moon will help Libras prioritize and align themselves with living their dream life. Starting a meditative or ritual practice will ensure they stay on the course,” she adds.


You’re a mysterious and deep sign, Scorpio, and under this full moon in your 11th house of networks and large groups, you’ll be assessing your energy levels when it comes to your circle of friends and networks. Perhaps you realize something needs to change in these connections, such as wanting more or less of something. In either case, tuning into how your connections really make you feel, Pelinku says, will help you understand the importance of discernment. “Remaining faithful to yourself by honoring your beliefs and values will help you gain clarity,” she adds.


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This full moon lands in your 10th house of career and public image, Sagittarius, and as such, you have the opportunity to make some major strides in that area of your life. Your career has peaked in some way around this time, whether that means you could be on the brink of a promotion or are ready to find a new job opportunity. You’ll be reevaluating your overall purpose, Pelinku says, adding that it’s time to switch gears and home in on your natural boldness. “In the way you’re experiencing your work life, change will be your best course in attracting better opportunities,” she adds.


You might feel particularly expansive under this full moon, Capricorn, as it lights up your ninth house of growth, higher learning, and travel. According to Pelinku, this can be a wondrous lunation if you decide to book a spontaneous trip, for example, to gain inspiration for your soul’s development. “If travel is not attainable,” she adds, “it would be valuable to reconnect to the self and review your personal beliefs.” There’s also the chance that your faith in intimate connections could be tested under this moon, but “as long as you learn to align with the heart and trust, all will fall into place,” she notes.


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Feeling moody, Aquarius? This full moon in Virgo is falling in your eighth house of transformation, deep bonding, and other people’s money and energy. It’s easily the most mysterious of the houses, and is all about looking into the depths, sorting through energy and resources, and getting to know the self and others on a deep level. According to Pelinku, this makes the full moon an excellent time for you to really dial down and review the state of your resources. “This may involve their assets, particularly the home, and organizing will help them weed out what is no longer working for them,” she tells mindbodygreen, adding that this will lead to better income sources or a new line of financial revenue.


This could be a significant full moon for your relationships, Pisces, as it lights up your seventh house of partnership (both personal and professional). Pelinku tells mindbodygreen that with your relationship sector highlighted, communication will be crucial in order to get to the heart of things. And because full moons are ultimately about release, you could be releasing something in your relationships, whether that means things ascend to a new, evolved level, or you decide that a certain partnership or way of doing things is no longer working for you.

The takeaway.

While we all have a chance to do some recalibration under this full moonwhat you let go of, exactly, will depend where this moon lands in your birth chart. But with your horoscope in mind and your favorite full moon ritual complete, this moon is setting the stage for the astrological new year later this month, no matter your sign.