Natasha Levinger

Author & Energy Healer

By Natasha Levinger

Author & Energy Healer

Natasha Levinger teaches inner child healing and is a professional intuitive reader and energy healer. She is co-host of the spiritual podcast Magic Monday. Her book, “Inner Child Healing,” comes out in Spring 2023. Natasha is offering three free meditations to mindbodygreen readers who sign up for her newsletter.

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March 6, 2023

Each month, join author and energy healer Natasha Levinger as she reads the communal energy to predict what’s in store for us in the weeks ahead.


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Welcome to March, we made it! The energy this month definitely feels like it’s moving with more ease than the previous two, which is a welcome change.

March rolls in with an open-hearted vibe.

One thing I’ve noticed since I started doing weekly energy reports on my podcast, Getting to Know Woo, is that energy rarely shifts all at once. Much like how humans grow spiritually, energy has a spiral nature to it. Allow me to explain.

It’s pretty rare that humans suddenly get all the answers to enlightenment in one shot. We usually get a “memo” or insight that we need to set boundaries, for example—and it might be clunky at first. Our best friend might push back on our desire to stay home and binge-read cozy mysteries instead of going on a road trip, so we give in and resent them. We’ll learn from that, it will become easier to set boundaries next time, and before you know it, we’re really good at saying no to everything (at least with our besties).

The energy coming in each month, and even each year, is similarly clunky in how it shows up—and this month is no different. At the beginning of the month, there’s a heart-centered vibe coming in. Some of the clouds have parted, specifically in terms of how we’ve viewed ourselves in ways that have held us back, and we’re able to feel gratitude for ourselves. And because of how gratitude works, it also gives us a sense of gratitude for our lives in general and for those around us.

Isn’t that lovely? Pretty different from what you were likely feeling in January. But (you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?) unless you regularly meditate and clear your energy, you may feel the past dragging behind you like a piece of toilet paper attached to your shoe.

While your heart may have opened and you started to feel more clear about things, this old energy trailing behind you could bring up feelings of impostor syndrome, where you’re not quite believing you really deserve where you are now. Or, it could bring up doubts about a relationship that you are otherwise enjoying. Basically, the new breath of fresh air may be plagued with some doubt, as it’s not totally integrated yet.

The more fully you are in the present and notice the heart-centered joy that is naturally coming up, the easier you will find it to believe you really deserve to have what your life is giving you now. Because you do!


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This month asks us to shine our light with no apologies.

The other feeling that came up as I felt into March was a feeling of shining your light in the world. We’ve been shedding a lot of what hasn’t felt aligned in the last two months, and later this month, there’s a lot of allowance for expressing what is.

I’m seeing a beautiful sun and a feeling of wanting to share that with the world. This could mean anything from sharing a creative project with your closest friends to finally starting that podcast to telling your boss about an innovative idea you’ve been sitting on for a while. 

You may have a feeling that you can’t keep in what you want to express, combined with that gratitude I mentioned earlier. It’s all very life-affirming and quite different from the hermit-like energy we felt hard in January.

It feels to me like January was for hunkering down, February was for releasing what wasn’t serving you, and March is for feeling inspired, getting more creative, and expressing it.

But (there I go again) it is a bit of a soup in terms of having those expressive, grateful, inspiring feelings, combined with some doubt and possibly irritation. That’s OK! Like I said, that’s how growth works, and if you accept that, this could be a very fun month.

Tools to try this month:

Use energy healing tools like chakra healing (I have a great one you get when you sign up for my newsletter!) to bring you into the present and clear out anything you’re ready to let go of in your energy field. You can even take in a breath of gold light and imagine it burning off anything from the past that doesn’t serve you.

Another great tool is to say hello to the present time and do a body scan, saying hello to each part of your body. This will also bring you into the present so you can fully enjoy this month’s energy. 

Lastly, if you’re having some fear about putting the creations you’re finally inspired to share out into the world, imagine filling up with gold light and visualize the whole experience going exactly as you want it to. Bring those feelings into your body and open your eyes, affirming that you deserve to express yourself.

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The takeaway.

This month feels fun, creative, and inspiring. There may be some doubt and possible irritation as you integrate this new energy, but overall, it’s a welcome change.


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