By Kara Ladd

mbg Contributor

Kara Ladd is a spiritual health expert, meditation teacher and Founder of KL Consulting, a conscious marketing consultancy for modern, mindful brands.

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March 5, 2023

Personal growth, especially when it comes to matters of money and abundance, can get so serious! So why not infuse some creative flow and fun into your financial life? Based on the law of attraction and manifestation, a vision board is a powerful tool to get clear on your goals, keep them top-of-mind and communicate your desires to the universe. 


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What is a vision board and how can it help you with your financial goals?

A vision board is a visual collage of images, quotes, and other objects (digital or physical) that represent the goals you are calling in. Just like your personal growth path, your vision board is ever-evolving. They are often made at the beginning of the year, but there’s no shame in a seasonal refresh to ensure your vision is still aligned. 

Neuroscientist Tara Swart, M.D., previously explained to mindbodygreen, “Looking at images on a vision board primes the brain to grasp opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. That’s because the brain has a process called ‘value-tagging’ which imprints important things onto your subconscious and filters out unnecessary information.” 

Swart also refers to vision boards as “action boards” — a clever reframe that reinforces that this manifestation method is not to be used exclusively to achieve your goals. Similar to other manifestation modalities, vision boards require aligned action. 

When it comes to financial goals, it’s incredibly helpful to make tangible, visible reminders of what you’re working towards — how you’re getting there and what it can mean for your future. Not only is your final vision board a supportive visual reminder, but the creation process itself is a powerful clarity exercise. The process of sifting through various images and physical objects helps you get acutely clear on your goals — what do they look and feel like? By tuning into that feeling you’ll be able to recognize more quickly when it materializes in your reality. 

8 tips in creating a financial vision board

Now that your interest is piqued, here’s how to create one.


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Do a root chakra visualization 

Your root chakra is your first main energy center out of seven. It sits at the root of your spine and is known as your security center which encompasses the energy of safety and survival — including financial. A quick and easy meditation to ensure your root chakra is clear and open is to visualize red light at the root of your tailbone. Visualize this red light shining bright and clear as it expands through your body. Allow this red light to wash over any densities in your body and cleanse away any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

Take as much time as you need, just ensure you are grounding all of your energy back to your root to reground in the present moment, rather than staying suspended in your higher energy centers. 


Write a gratitude list to approach from an abundant perspective 

You want to approach vision boarding from a place of expansive abundance, not restriction. For example, even if you have to cut back on your finances (for whatever reason), you can still create an abundant vision board. 

Gratitude lists are a great self-awareness tool to realize how much positivity you have in the present moment. Licensed clinical psychologist, Elena Welsh, Ph.D., tells mbg, “The more you make the link between these positive moments being something to be thankful or grateful for, the more you will experience the related positive thoughts and thereby increase and intensify your emotional experience of being grateful.” 

Humans have a negativity bias1; meaning we tend to focus on things that aren’t going our way to protect ourselves from pain — when it comes to finances this may look like scarcity and lack mentality. Gratitudes are a great way to ground positivity in the now and hone more of it in the future. 


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Know what abundance means for you 

Abundance isn’t just an external energy, but an internal state of being — an expansion of your worth. It can look different for all of us. For example, you may want a higher-paying job, but what does that mean to you? Maybe it’s more balance or flexibility to travel. Thus, at the core, abundance may mean “freedom” to you. 

It’s also important to get clear on what abundance means to you outside of societal and family experiences. For example, you might want to manifest more money because your family told you must have accumulated wealth to be safe and happy. This is an imprinted belief system in your subconscious based on the environment you grew up with. 

If you’re getting caught up in the external end goal, try asking yourself “why” at least three times to get down to your core reason behind your financial goal. 


Use images that directly reflect your financial goals. 

Get clear, get specific! If you’re saving up for a new car, then don’t just use an image of a random car, but the exact car you are manifesting — the exact model, color, year etc. With the wonderful world of the internet, you can search for anything your heart desires so don’t hold back and get down to the nitty gritty details. 


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Use a Bagua Map as a guide 

The bagua map is used in feng shui to create harmony and balance throughout a space. It can also be used to create your vision board! The map divides your space (or board) into nine separate areas, each one relating to a certain life theme. 

The upper left hand corner of the map is related to abundance so you can craft your board so that your most important financial goals are placed in this area. The element wood and colors blue and green are known to be supportive for this area as well. 

Ensure that your financial goals are realistic. Swart previously told mindbodygreen that most of our goals drop off simply because we pick ones that feel way too big. Try to create actionable, tangible goals, and prioritize them based on what you can control. For example if buying a house feels out of your control, start with a goal that’s within the realm of your reality like an apartment upgrade or a certain dollar amount in your savings to get you closer to your goal. 

Subconsciously if you don’t feel like you are able to achieve and manifest your goals into your reality, you won’t be able to — yet. We’re not saying you can’t manifest these larger financial goals, it’s simply realizing that may take time. So tackle the smaller “stepping-stone” goals as you grow forward. 


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Consider your vision board your accountability partner. It’s meant to keep you on track and your goals top-of-mind. Place it somewhere in your home or office where you can easily and often see it. “By repeatedly exposing your brain to these images, you’re priming it to not just notice but also grasp the opportunities that will take you closer to what you want,” says Swart. 

Try placing it in a sacred place like on your altar, in your abundance corner (rear left corner, facing your home from your front door) in your office or on your nightstand. Swart continues, “There’s a psychological phenomenon called the Tetris effect2, which says that the thing you look at last at night imprints on your subconscious more strongly than anything else during the day.”


Surrender the result to the highest good of all involved

Financial abundance isn’t solely about creating wealth for yourself, but a win-win-win for yourself, others, and the planet. Similar to manifestation, your goals won’t actualize into your reality unless they are for the highest, greatest good for everyone involved. So it’s best to put your vision board together and keep your goals top of mind, but don’t tether too tightly to the outcomes. If it’s not manifesting for you now, believe it’s because something even better is on its way to you! 

The takeaway

Making a financial vision board isn’t going to make money fall from the sky. However, getting clear and visualizing your goals are extremely important aspects of achieving them. A vision