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best online hip-hop dance classes

March 1, 2023

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Looking for a fun and uplifting way to add more movement to your life? There are plenty of reasons to dance every day, and the best online hip-hop dance classes make exercise more accessible, whether you’re a beginner or a dancing pro. These platforms allow you to follow along with high-quality instructors without ever having to step foot inside a dance studio. 

Research has shown dance to have positive effects on muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance1, and one particular study found that dance positively affects those living with Parkinson’s disease and can even help improve their sleep2. Additionally, dance can help raise serotonin, reduce stress, improve long-term memory, and reduce depression in individuals3

Using research, reviews, and insight from a certified personal trainer, we rounded up the best online hip-hop dance classes that you can take right now. We’ve even found a few free options, platforms with built-in progress trackers, and some of the best instructors in the game. Who knows, you may just find your new favorite way to get a workout in.

The best online hip-hop dance classes:

The benefits of dance:

Among the many benefits of dance, Michael Hamlin, NSCA, CSCS, personal trainer and founder of Everflex Fitness explains that dance can help with balance and coordination, support heart health, and improve cognitive function and memory. “Dancing can get your heart pumping and increase your endurance, which can lead to improved cardiovascular health,” he says. “It also involves a lot of movement and often requires you to hold certain positions or poses, which can help improve your strength and flexibility.” 

Beyond these positive physical effects, hip-hop dancing can help reduce stress and anxiety. “Engaging in physical activity like dance can help reduce stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins and improving mood,” Hamlin shares. Research backs this, too. One study found that exercise, such as dance, can help treat symptoms of major depression4.

Who are online hip-hop dance classes good for?

Hamlin shares that online hip-hop dance classes are suitable for anyone interested in learning dance, no matter their fitness level or dance experience. “However, people who are recovering from a leg or foot injury may want to avoid certain moves that could exacerbate their injury,” he adds. 

It’s always a good idea to check in with your healthcare provider or personal trainer before adding any new exercise program to your routine. This is especially important if you have a condition or prior injury. “The right healthcare professional might even be able to get you back to health quicker or give you modifications and tips about how not to make your injury worse,” Hamlin says. 

Per Hamlin, one challenge of online dance classes is that some do not offer live feedback from teachers, in which case it can be difficult for beginners to know if their form is correct. If you’re concerned about this, be sure to take a live class that allows you to ask the instructor questions and get their feedback. Alternatively, you can work with a professional to gain a basic understanding and help you feel more comfortable taking these on-demand classes.

How to choose.

When choosing the best online hip-hop dance class, Hamlin suggests considering certain factors, such as dance experience and the type of exercise you’re interested in. “If you’re looking to do more cardio exercise, you may want to choose a class that’s energetic and includes more fast-paced movements,” he says. “If you’re a beginner, look for classes geared towards beginners or that include instruction on basic steps and movements.”

There are many hip-hop dance sub-genres, such as popping, locking, and breaking. Hamlin suggests picking something you’re excited about. “This will help you excel in this area, and you can hopefully build a long-term healthy habit this way,” he emphasizes.

How we picked:

Variety helps keep you excited about your workout routine. We included picks that offer variety, whether in video length, dance style, instructors, or additional features.

We read hundreds of reviews to better understand what people like or dislike about certain online hip-hop classes. Customer input also helped us zero in on potential downsides, which we’ve noted as cons for each pick.

A good instructor makes a world of difference. We vetted each class to make sure the instructors are experienced, engaging, and qualified.

We made sure to include platforms that are easy to use and can be accessed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Some can even be streamed on your TV.

Our picks for the best online hip-hop dance classes of 2023:

Best app: Obé Fitness


  • 10,000+ classes
  • Live classes available
  • Training courses offered


  • Lack of video length options for hip-hop dance videos

Subscription cost: $25 monthly; $170 annually

Free trial: 7 days

Types of dance: HIIT, Dance HIIT, Dance Cardio

Compatible devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

Obé Fitness is a one-stop shop for virtual dance and fitness classes. One of the best fitness apps, Obé offers 10,000 on-demand classes and over 20 daily live classes. A convenient filter makes browsing the site a breeze, and videos range from five to 60 minutes (just note: the hip-hop classes often hover around the half-hour mark). Week-long free trials are available if you’re on the fence.

This popular pick has an average 4.8 rating on the Apple app store, with over 7,500 reviews. Customers love this app for its variety, ease of use, and bright, eye-catching aesthetics. Obé Fitness has plenty of positive reviews, although one user shares that they don’t like how Obé’s Replay classes can only be played once.

Best for choreography: Steezy


  • 1,500+ classes
  • 150+ instructors
  • 10+ programs designed for beginners


  • No live classes
  • Video can lag

Subscription cost: $20 monthly; $100 annually

Free trial: 7 days

Types of dance: Hip-hop, Contemporary, Dance Workout, K-Pop, Ballet, Salsa, Popping, Jazz, Lite Feet, Heels, House, Locking

Compatible devices: Desktop, Mobile, Chromecast

Steezy is one of the best dance apps for hip-hop dance workouts. Featuring over 1,500 classes taught by upwards of 150 instructors, this app brings the dance studio right to your home, creating an unrivaled video experience. Each tutorial includes a loop-move function (which allows you to replay one part of the choreography repeatedly as you practice), camera mode (to dance alongside the teacher as you watch), and speed control (slow or speed up the video as you please). 

This app has been downloaded over 1 million times and currently boasts a 4.8 average rating. One happy customer calls it a “dream come true,” writing, “I remember when I was younger, and I went to a few dance studios but felt embarrassed and self-conscious about not being as flexible/cool and unable to pick up choreography as quickly as others. With STEEZY, you can build the blocks at your own pace and adjust speed, loop and repeat, and switch views to see all angles (much needed for someone not coordinated like me). I’ve been exercising daily with different dance workouts and learning choreography at home, and I am so in love! It has such a good variety of styles to choose from. The instructors are cool! I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn to dance!”

Although Steezy has plenty of glowing reviews, some customers mention that the app sometimes lags or loads videos slowly. If you run into this issue, make sure your connection is strong and your app version is up to date.


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Best dance cardio: Mike Peele’s The Peele Effect


  • Great for beginners
  • New videos uploaded frequently
  • Wide selection of videos


  • Fewer short video options

Subscription cost: Free

Free trial: n/a

Types of dance: Hip-Hop Fit, Hip-Hop Fit Dance Workout, Hip-Hop Fit Cardio Dance

Compatible devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet (via YouTube)

The Peele Effect is ideal for those looking for a beginner-friendly hip-hop dance class that incorporates heart-pounding exercise moves. Choose from a long list of classes, such as Hip-Hop Fit and Hip-Hop Fit Dance Workout, each of which begins with easy-to-follow hip-hop choreography and finishes with floor exercises. Taught by awarded athlete Mike Peele, these classes work well for a wide range of dance and fitness experience levels and can be done right in your living room, with no equipment necessary. 

People absolutely love Mike Peele’s fitness classes, and for good reason. Not only are they energetic and well-rounded, but they’re also fun. One Youtube commenter writes, “I knew I would love this workout from the very second the video started! Mike Peele, the ladies in the background (who have the same body type as me), the energy, just everything! I’m going to invite some of my friends to do this workout with me today. If I have to do this alone, I will! Love it!”

Best free: FitLara Dance


  • Wide range of video lengths
  • Easily accessible


  • No live classes or instructor feedback

Subscription cost: Free

Free trial: n/a

Types of dance: Hip-Hop, Locking, Dance Party Workout, Dance Cardio, Afro Hip-Hop, House Dance

Compatible devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet (via YouTube)

If you’re looking for easy-to-follow hip-hop dance classes, consider checking out FitLara Dance on YouTube. Run by a certified dance teacher from Germany, FitLara Dance offers plenty of heart-thumping workouts and fun choreography sequences. Even better? It’s free. Whether you only have five minutes or want to do a full half-hour hip-hop workout, there are options for everyone.

With over 125,000 subscribers, FitLara Dance offers top-notch hip-hop dance tutorials and workouts without the steep price tag. One happy follower writes, “Absolutely love your dance routines, Lara! Thank you so much, and look forward to shaking a leg with you again!” Another shares, “Wow, loved this. I want to learn to dance, so this is the first YouTube video I’ve found and I won’t be looking elsewhere now. Absolutely amazing. I definitely was nowhere close to remembering the moves with the arms but I will keep doing this one until it feels like muscle memory.”


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Best for live classes: Ailey Extension from Alvin Ailey


  • Live feedback
  • Classes held via Zoom
  • No subscription needed


  • Classes may not be at the most convenient times if you aren’t in EST

Subscription cost: $15 per class; $70 for 5 classes; $120 for 10 classes

Free trial: none mentioned

Types of dance: Beginner Hip-Hop, African-Brazilian, Afro Dance, Ballet, Broadway Jazz, Contemporary, Horton, Lemon, Masala Bhangra, NY Style Mambo, Samba, Vogue, West African, Zumba

Compatible devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet (via Zoom)

For years, the Ailey Extension has offered in-person dance classes at its Manhattan studios for aspiring and professional dancers alike. Now, with online classes, dancers who aren’t local can be instructed by renowned teachers who are experts in the space. Ailey Extension currently offers an online beginner hip-hop class held every Thursday and Friday evening EST over Zoom. Classes are priced individually at $15 each, or you can buy them in bulk and pay less. 

Besides beginner hip-hop classes, Ailey Extension offers online beginner ballet, Broadway jazz, Zumba, West African, New York-style mambo, and more. Classes can be booked via the schedule page, and you can take a look at the Ailey Extension’s YouTube for sneak peeks to give you a general idea of what their online classes are like. 

Although this pick doesn’t have a dedicated review page, the Ailey Extension has remained a favorite among many professional and beginner dancers through the years. In a YouTube comment on one of the studio’s hip-hop tutorial videos, one person writes, “This was fun!!! Oh my gosh, I had to do this for my dance class for school because of learning from home. I didn’t realize how much I missed dancing. This was really fun, and I will definitely tell people about this. I loved it.”

Best for beginners: CLI Studios


  • Live classes offer feedback in real-time
  • Includes a progress tracker
  • 1000+ classes lead by 300+ instructors


  • Some videos have less music than others

Subscription cost: $199 annually

Free trial: 7 days

Types of dance: Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Musical Theater Dance, Lyrical, Ballroom

Compatible devices: Desktop, Mobile, Chromecast

Learn dance from some of the world’s best choreographers with CLI Studios. Available via desktop, tablet, or mobile device, this easy-to-use program has over 1,000 on-demand classes with dance styles like hip-hop, ballet, and more. There are weekly live classes, too, so you can interact with your instructor to gain feedback, ask questions, and bond with fellow dancers from around the world. Plenty of beginner classes are offered, and the built-in progress tracker is particularly motivating. 

Currently rated 4.6 stars on the Apple app store, CLI Studios is loved for its variety of teachers, ease of use, and constantly expanding video library. One reviewer writes, “I bought this app for my daughter, and she absolutely loves it! She loves how easy taking the classes is and how you can go at your own pace with it. She loves the wide variety of teachers and levels and genres of dance it provides. She loves how they keep adding new updates to the app that make it much easier to use on any device. Great pick, kiddo!” Dancers rave about CLI Studios, but some do point out that they wish more music was played during choreography videos.


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Are online dance classes family-friendly?

Although it depends on the class, most online dance classes are family-friendly. When in doubt, choose an online dance class that specifically includes in the title or description that it is geared towards children.

Can beginners take online dance classes?

Dancers of all experience levels can take online dance classes. If you’re new to online dance, choose a class that is tailored for beginners.

Can I learn hip-hop dance online?

There are many different options for learning hip-hop dance online. Be sure to keep in mind what your goals and expectations are when choosing the right online hip-hop dance class for you.

The takeaway.

Online hip-hop dance classes can be a great way to get more exercise into your daily life. These online fitness classes can help improve balance, coordination, brain health, and may even help relieve stress. Not to mention, they’re often very fun. If you’re interested in learning more about the world of dance (and its benefits), be sure to check out our cardio dance workout and reasons why you should dance everyday