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February 25, 2023

Christie Calucchia


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online pilates class

February 25, 2023

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If you’re short on time and looking for an affordable way to learn Pilates, online classes are a great way to get in on all the benefits of the practice. Today, people take mat and reformer Pilates for a low-impact workout that builds core strength and tones muscles throughout the entire body. The best online pilates classes allow you to exercise from anywhere, no matter how much time you have, often with no equipment required. The best part? They’re typically much less expensive than boutique studios—and no, that doesn’t make them any less effective. 

Keep scrolling to learn about the benefits of pilates and to find our picks for the best online Pilates classes of 2023.

The best online pilates classes:

The benefits of pilates:

The benefits of Pilates go far beyond just physical. Pamela Trujillo, a NASM-certified personal training and master instructor at SLT says the exercise increases core strength and muscle tone throughout your body. Gaby Noble, a Pilates instructor and the founder of Exhale Pilates London, adds that, when performed regularly, Pilates helps prevent injury, boosts flexibility, and promotes balance in the body, “You can use it to calm the central nervous system with slower controlled movements or boost your stamina and heart rate by bringing in flow to your workout,” adds Noble. It can also help with focus and concentration, and it may even reduce chronic pain1 and ease anxiety and depression2.

“My favorite reason to incorporate Pilates into a fitness program is for the injury prevention and joint stabilizing benefits,” says Tiffany Thompson, a NASM-certified personal trainer and performance coach at Future.

Who is online pilates good for?

Noble says Pilates “is suitable for everyone regardless of your age or ability,” and virtual Pilates can be particularly helpful for people who travel a lot, don’t live near a studio, or simply prefer to workout at home. Trujillo adds that “[Pilates] can be especially beneficial for busy people that have a hard time committing to specific class times.” 

People with certain injuries who may need personalized attention from an instructor should avoid online Pilates. Additionally, according to Noble, online classes may not be the best choice for people who struggle to stay focused.

If you decide to take classes online, be sure to keep form and safety in mind, since you won’t have an instructor in the room to physically assist you. “If you are finding yourself relying on momentum or needing to compromise form to complete an exercise, it’s best to modify the exercise in order to prevent injury and get the most benefit from the movement,” Thompson says.

How to choose the best online pilates classes.

When deciding which online Pilates class is best for you, consider the below factors.

Cost: Online Pilates classes vary in price. You might be satisfied from free videos on YouTube, or perhaps you’re looking for a membership that offers more variety and perks. Whatever your preference is, keep your personal budget in mind when picking a class.

Class Type: When evaluating online Pilates platforms,consider whether you’re looking for mat Pilates classes or reformer Pilates classes, if you’ll need pre- and postnatal options, and the class length and format you prefer. “Have an idea of your fitness level before you select a class to avoid feeling discouraged if a class is too intense,” suggests Thompson.

Instructors: Finding the right instructor is often key to maintaining a fitness routine. When it comes to online Pilates classes, you’ll want to ensure the instructors have Pilates certifications and are experienced. “Pilates is an unregulated word, so anyone can say they teach it and don’t have the right qualifications,” Noble points out.

How we picked:

We kept prices in mind when selecting the best online Pilates classes. Some classes on this list are free, while others require monthly membership fees. No matter your budget, there’s an online Pilates program for you.

Every Pilates class we chose has qualified, experienced instructors. We kept factors such as the number of instructors and the diversity of instructors in mind when selecting these best at-home Pilates classes.

You’ll find options for mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, and pre- and postnatal Pilates. Many of our picks have classes for beginners and advanced levels.

We looked at as many reviews as possible to determine which online Pilates classes are truly the best. User feedback was helpful in determining which classes will be enjoyed by the most people.

Our picks for the best online pilates classes of 2023:

Best variety: Alo Moves


  • Mat and reformer classes
  • Variety of teachers and class types


  • Filter function is too basic
  • Hard to track which classes you’ve completed

Subscription cost: $20 monthly, $199 annually

Duration: 10 to 50 minutes

Format: On-demand videos

Compatible devices: DesktopTabletSmart TVAndroidApple

Alo Moves offers some of the best yoga flows, meditation content, fitness, barre, and Pilates. New classes and series are frequently added to the library, so you’ll never get bored of taking the same classes over and over.

When it comes to the Pilates classes specifically, there are more than 100 to choose from. Classes range from just under 10 minutes to nearly 50 minutes long. Some require a Pilates reformer. while others simply call for a mat. What really sets these classes apart, though, is that you can do full-body classes or select videos that focus on a specific part of your body, such as your arms or core.

The app has a 4.9 overall rating on the Apple App Store, with many reviews praising its wide variety of classes and easy-to-follow instructors.

Best pre- and postnatal: The Pilates Class


  • Traditional Pilates and pre- and postnatal classes
  • Can filter by desired intensity

Subscription cost: $29 weekly, $139 annually

Duration: 5 to 60 minutes

Format: On-demand videos

Compatible devices: DesktopTabletSmart TVAndroidApple

The Pilates Class is a user-friendly online Pilates platform offering classes you can stream on your computer or with an app on your phone. Classes are split up into categories such as essentials, HIIT, stretch, and calm. 

What sets The Pilates Class apart from other virtual studios is its pre- and postnatal Pilates classes. They’re designed to relieve back pain, help moms to be and new moms maintain their fitness level and improve overall strength. Other Pilates classes available through the website and app come with tips for altering moves for safety while pregnant and after giving birth too.

The app has a 4.8 rating overall on the Apple App store with reviews from people, including moms, who enjoy the gentle, stress-relieving classes. One writes, “I’m a new mom and my body has gone through so many changes, and the postnatal classes have really helped build up my strength and confidence.”


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Best free: Move with Nicole


  • Weekly workout plans
  • Large library of content
  • Good mix of class types and video lengths


  • Beginner-focused
  • Only one instructor

Subscription cost: Free

Duration: 5 to 60 minutes

Format: YouTube videos

Compatible devices: DesktopTabletSmartphoneSmart TV

Move with Nicole is a YouTube channel with 1.44 million subscribers. It was created by Nicole Kastoun, a certified Pilates and yoga instructor based in Queensland, Australia.

Her popular free workout videos range from just five minutes to a full hour. She teaches Pilates, yoga, barre, and cardio HIIT classes and often films her instructional clips in scenic settings likes the beach. To make her content even more accessible, some of her workout videos are available in Spanish.

If you’re looking for free, on-demand online Pilates classes, Move with Nicole should be at the top of your list. Her videos are filled with positive comments from people who have followed along with her videos. “Your exercises help me have a good mood all day,” one person writes. “[I’ve] been following along for about two months now and seeing huge differences in my health,” another adds.

Best for beginners: Glo


  • 16 beginner-level classes
  • App for mobile use
  • Variety of instructors


  • Mat only
  • Not exclusively Pilates content

Subscription cost: $24 monthly, $245 annually

Duration: 15 to 45 minutes

Format: On-demand videos

Compatible devices: DesktopSmart TVAndroidAppleiPadiPhoneSmartwatch

If you’re just starting out on your Pilates journey, Glo should be getting your attention. The virtual studio offers on-demand Pilates, yoga, meditation, and other workouts, with some live yoga classes too. The content is available on mobile or desktop devices, with a large library to choose from.

What sets this platform apart from some other options is that it has online Pilates classes specifically designed for beginners. There are 16 beginner Pilates classes to help newbies learn the basics of practicing mat Pilates at home—and it doesn’t stop there. Once you learn the fundamentals, you can explore Glo’s wider library of Pilates classes for more experienced practitioners.

The Glo app has a 4.9 out of five star rating on the Apple App Store. Many reviewers say they love the variety of classes and the qualified instructors. “The content and the teachers on Glo are top of the tops,” one reviewer writes.


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Best for reformer Pilates: Pilatesology


  • More than 1,900 videos
  • Offers workshops and tutorials


  • Many classes need equipment
  • Classical Pilates only

Subscription cost: $20 monthly, $179 annually

Duration: 5 to 60+ minutes

Format: On-demand videos

Compatible devices: DesktopTabletSmart TVAndroidApple

Pilatesology makes learning Pilates accessible and affordable, with access to a library of more than 1,900 videos beginning at just $20 a month. The instructors have extensive experience and certifications, bringing an educational aspect to each class. 

While mat Pilates classes are available, Pilatesology is one of the best places to go for online reformer Pilates classes, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced student. Pilates teachers even use the content to refresh their skills. 

The site has a detailed filtering system that allows you to find the workouts that are right for you, and searching by equipment is easy. You’ll also have access to workshops and tutorials to deepen your practice, both of which are included in a monthly subscription.

Reviewers call this platform “invaluable,” with one raving, “I do workouts, plan sessions, freshen up on apparatus, get ideas for client issues, and learn, learn, learn, learn!”

Best in-depth: Pilates Anytime


  • More than 2,000 videos
  • New videos added weekly
  • Resources for Pilates teachers


  • Could have more body diverse instructors
  • Pricier than other options

Subscription cost: $22 monthly, $240 annually

Duration: 5 to 60+ minutes

Format: On-demand videos

Compatible devices: DesktopTabletSmart TVAndroidApple

With a wide array of beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates classes, Pilates Anytime truly lives up to its name. You can take mat classes that require little to no other equipment or reformer classes for those with a full at-home or studio set-up.

New classes are added to the library each week, with plenty of educational resources for beginners and teachers alike. Just note, some workshops will cost you extra.

While Pilates Anytime is available online, there’s also an app for Apple and Android users that’s earned a 4.9 overall rating in the Apple Apple Store. “I have been a Pilates Instructor for 20 years now,” writes one reviewer. “I find this app so useful in my teaching and personal practice. I would recommend it to both teachers and students.”


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Biggest splurge: Forma Pilates


  • Great reputation
  • Weekly schedule
  • Mat and reformer classes

Subscription cost: $50 monthly, $450 annually

Duration: 10 to 60 minutes

Format: On-demand videos

Compatible devices: DesktopTabletSmart TVAndroidApple

Forma Pilates was created by Liana Levi in Los Angeles in 2020 and later opened a studio in New York. It’s known for its celebrity clientele (think Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber) and referral-only classes born out of pandemic safety protocols. Now, you can get a taste of the exclusive studio in the comfort of your own home with Forma Pilates online.

With videos streaming online and on an app, Forma Pilates offers access to Levi’s signature mat and reformer Pilates classes. There are also breathwork and meditation videos to choose from. New workouts are added regularly with weekly schedules for users to follow along with.

Although the app is the most expensive option on this list, it’s worth the cost, according to reviewers. “These workouts are way better than any other app I have used,” writes one user. “They are actually hard and I feel instant results…It’s worth every penny!”


Who is the best online Pilates instructor?

The best online Pilates instructor will be different for everyone. When searching for a teacher, make sure they have Pilates certifications and experience, then consider whether their teaching style works for you.

Is online Pilates effective?

“Online Pilates can be very effective when done correctly and consistently,” says Trujillo. Noble agrees, adding that online Pilates “keeps you active even if you’re unable to attend an in-person class, and you can do it anywhere and anytime.”

Is 20 minutes of Pilates a day enough?

As little as 20 minutes of Pilates a day is enough to feel and see results over time if you’re consistent, according to Noble, Thompson, and Trujillo. “Any amount of time doing Pilates can be beneficial,” says Thompson.

However, the amount of time you may want to do Pilates each session depends on your personal goals and fitness level. “If you’re new to pilates or working out, you can start out with shorter sessions and then gradually build up the strength for longer sessions and more advanced exercises,” Trujillo says.

What is the best Pilates at home?

The best Pilates at home depends on your goals, what equipment you have, and how much time you have to dedicate to your practice. If you’re on a budget, Move with Nicole may be your best free option. If you’re working on honing your skills, in-depth classes from Pilates Anytime may be ideal for you.

The takeaway.

Online Pilates classes are a great way to do a low-impact form of exercise at home, on your schedule. You can find classes for mat or reformer Pilates online available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. The best options depend on your budget, goals, and fitness level, but there’s something for just about anyone looking to get in on the benefits of Pilates without visiting a studio in person. Not sure if Pilates is the right exercise for you? Check out our picks for the best online workout programs of 2023, with options for every budget, exercise type and experience level.