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February 24, 2023

Kelsea Samson

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Kelsea Samson

Kelsea Samson is a writer, content manager, certified yoga instructor and founder of The Mindfulness Program for Kids and Yoga for the Blind in Tampa, Florida.

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February 24, 2023

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If you’re anything like me, the stress of finding time to get to your favorite yoga studio can almost outweigh the zen. Between the hectic commute and unpredictable schedules, the bliss of Savasana tends to wear off before I even get to my car. As a yoga teacher, I find that the best online yoga classes offer the same prana-boosting effects as IRL studios—but they squeeze into my schedule seamlessly.

New to the yoga scene? You’ll be happy to learn that yoga boast many benefits, including mobility1, strength, improved mental health2, and better sleep. There are loads of reasons to consider adding this ancient practice into your daily wellness routine, but any new exercise can be intimidating. With the right instructors and flows, you’ll overcome any time, budget, and self-confidence barriers—and you’ll be reaping the many proven benefits of yoga in no time. Below, find our picks for the best online yoga classes, with options for every experience level and preference.

The best online yoga classes:

The benefits of yoga

As a yoga and meditation instructor, I’ve seen the transformative powers of yoga at work for people of all ages and practice levels. Research shows that yoga has emotional, mental, and physical health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease3, improving your overall quality of life4, and aiding digestion (shout out to wind relieving pose).

We sat down with yoga teacher trainers and owners of Bella Prāṇa Yoga and Meditation Collective in Tampa, Florida, Roni Harris and Tina Tidwell Bedore to gain further insight on how developing a regular yoga practice can impact your health and well-being. “There are so many benefits of yoga,” Bedore says. “It promotes strength in the physical body and improves balance. It helps to undo sitting or standing for long periods, technology use, and other common aches and pains. Yoga cultivates focus, concentration and calmness in the mind, regulates the nervous system, reduces stress, strengthens the mind-body connection and heightens awareness.” Not to mention, recent research indicates this mind-body practice supports mental health and can even ease symptoms of anxiety and depression5.

Rest assured, you don’t have to contort your body into a pretzel shape to reap these well-studied benefits. As long as you’re connecting breath to movement, you’re doing it right.

Who are online yoga classes good for?

The better question is, who are online yoga classes not good for? Whether you’re interested in starting a new yoga practice, deepening an existing practice, or are trying to help your kids wind down before bed, you’ll likely benefit from the ease and convenience of online yoga classes. These platforms provide access to a wide variety of high-quality, experienced instructors, including some of the world’s best. For those just starting out, online workout programs eliminate the potential social anxiety that can come with group fitness (though, in our experience, yoga studios tend to be an emotionally safe space). In the words of Harris, “The intimate and focused experience of an at-home practice brings its own powerful energy.”

That says, there are always reasons to attend in-person yoga classes, such as the sense of community and the hands-on adjustments (IYKYK). Harris adds, “[Practicing yoga] in person offers the connection of being with others, the sound of breathing in unison, and the energy that comes with moving together. Doing yoga online offers you total flexibility, privacy, and the opportunity to connect with yourself. I would encourage you not to ask yourself which is better and instead: Which works for me today?” The more you practice yoga, the more intuitive these decisions become. And, while online yoga classes may not fully replace your in-studio experience, they certainly come in handy on those hard-to-schedule days or when you are traveling.

How to choose the right online yoga class.

When choosing the right online yoga class, Bedore advises listening to your body and recognizing which styles and teachers resonate with you. “Let go of what you think you should do, and listen to what you need—whether that’s a particular level, style, or length of class. The great thing about [online] yoga is that you can [choose] the practice you need in each moment,” she says. “The best online yoga class is the one you love the most! And, that might change over time. We always tell our yoga teachers that your students will find you. It’s the same for students- you will find a teacher and a style you resonate with.”

To help narrow things down, consider these factors:

Instructor preferences: Take a moment to picture the ideal teaching style. Is the instructor bubbly and upbeat with a heart-pumping playlist? Or are they tranquil and more educational, using traditional posture names and flows? Is the background environment a gym, a studio, or out in nature? There is no right answer to any of these questions, and we’ve included options that reflect many preferences.

Yoga style: Some platforms offer a wider variety of yoga styles than others. For example, free YouTube channels such as Boho Beautiful and Yoga with Adrienne focus primarily on Vinyasa flows, while others (like Strala and Alo Moves) have plenty of yoga types to choose from. It’s worth considering what style you’re hoping to practice, whether it’s Ashtanga or Tai Chi, or even barre or pilates and using this as a barometer for the platforms you consider.

Class lengths: If you prefer hour-long sessions that feel akin to an in-studio experience, online workout subscriptions will be your best bet. Free YouTube classes tend to be shorter, and paid subscriptions also give you the ability to filter by class length, which is helpful whether you’re in a time-crunch or seeking a longer flow.

Community: One of the biggest benefits of joining a yoga studio is the community. If you’re a lone wolf, this may not be a deciding factor for you—but if community is important to you, be sure to choose an app that offers a space to engage and connect. We’ve called out which yoga class subscriptions offer this sense of community.

How we picked:

The online yoga classes in this list have either been personally tested by us, or have a reputation of widely-respected instructors. We chose a range of certified teachers that make the yoga classes feel equal parts fun, relaxing, challenging and motivating.

When it comes to class duration, experience level, and yoga style, there are a lot of options to choose from. We prioritized variety, so there’s something for everyone on our list.

In case cost is a reason you’re thinking of prioritizing a home yoga practice, these online brands offer studio-quality yoga classes at a fraction of the price of boutique studios. We’ve included our favorite free options, too.

We made sure our picks offer a decent trial period, so you can sample the instructors and classes before subscribing. Because no one needs the stress of paying for classes you won’t actually take.

Our picks for the best online yoga classes of 2023:

Best variety: Alo Moves


  • High quality videos for all experience levels, including pregnancy
  • Large variety of live and on-demand classes
  • Easy to download on your phone


  • Many classes are best with props

Subscription cost: $20 monthly, $199 annually

Free trial: 14 days

It’s no surprise that Alo, one of the leading brands in yoga apparel, knows their way around a great yoga class. This app houses professionally-produced yoga and fitness classes, celebrity-level instructors, and a sleek, savvy interface. There are over 2,500 yoga, fitness, meditation, and breathwork classes to choose from, many of which we’ve tried ourselves. 

The platform has four major categories: fitness, mindfulness, skills, and yoga—and within each category are filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Fans of pilates, barre, and HIIT can find great workouts here, too. What’s more, if you’re looking to build a specific skill (such as arm balancing or back bends), there’s likely a dedicated series for that.

As someone who gets bored easily, I’m drawn to Alo Moves because it allows me to explore other fitness styles, such as barre and pilates, without adding a whole separate platform to the mix. The intuitive platform and high-quality videos are unmatched, and I find myself falling in love with a new instructor every time I use it. One potential downside is that most classes are best when done with props.

A few instructors/classes we’ve enjoyed: 

15 Minute Detox Flow with Briohny Smith

Strength & Stretch Flow with Ashley Galvin

Best free: Boho Beautiful Yoga


  • Beautiful destinations promote tranquility
  • All length classes to choose from
  • Free to stream on YouTube


  • Limited classes over 30 minutes long

Subscription cost: $11 monthly, Free on YouTube

Free trial: 7 days

For high quality free yoga classes set in the world’s most peaceful naturescapes (think:Costa Rica, Greece, and British Columbia), consider Boho Beautiful Yoga. Created by certified yoga and pilates teacher Juliana Spicoluk, this free YouTube yoga channel takes you (and your favorite yoga mat) to stunning destinations where you practice in peace. The channel is broken out into sections to browse by length, and includes beginner flows, relaxing classes, prenatal, intermediate classes, and meditations.

The classes can also be accessed on Spicoluk’s website in a free video library. An $11 subscription gets you access to a full host of styles, such as hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, prenatal, and yin yoga, plus lifestyle guides and plant-based recipes. 

Boho Beautiful has almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube (including me, the writer!). Beyond the gorgeous scenery, I’m impressed by her calming-yet-empowering voice, standout music selection, and deep expertise in the practice. I tend to appreciate yoga’s traditional side, so I love that Spicoluk starts and ends each class with a guided meditation and savasana. Whether I have 10 or 30 minutes, I always feel a noticeable shift in my body and mood after these online yoga classes. 

A few classes I’ve enjoyed: 

20 min Yoga Flow for Transformation

Morning Class: Awaken

Feel Great Vinyasa Flow


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Best for live classes: Omstars


  • 5,000+ on demand classes to choose from
  • Live classes daily with world-renowned teachers
  • Wide variety of yoga styles and teachers


  • More expensive than other online options, though still a quarter of the price of in-studio memberships

Subscription cost: $37 monthly, $297 annually

Free trial: 7 days

This online platform connects you to the best teachers in the game, offering live-stream classes every day via Zoom with world-renowned instructors such as Kino Macgregor, Kristin McGee, Koya Webb, and so much more. If live streaming is important to you, make sure you opt for the ‘plus’ subscription. While Macgregor is mostly known for leading Ashtanga yoga, the platform also has Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha. There’s also a library of on-demand classes, challenges, programs, and lifestyle content to further enrich your practice.

With five-star reviews that look more like mini novels, the love for this high-quality content is real. One yogi writes, “After following Kino on Instagram for years and wishing there was an Ashtanga studio nearby, I was beyond excited for Omstars. I never would have had a chance to practice Ashtanga style or practice with Kino. Omstars is my go-to for all things yoga.” Unshockingly, I concur! As a yoga instructor, I love learning from some of the best in the field and applying these cues and techniques in my own classes. 

A few classes I’ve enjoyed:

Soulful Flows with Koya Webb

Beach and Sunset Yoga with Kino Macgregor

Ashtanga Yoga Tapas with David Robinson

Best for beginners: Yoga with Adriene


  • Pay what you can model
  • Beginner-friendly and approachable
  • 30-day programs to kick start your yoga practice


  • Beginner to intermediate levels, not advanced

Subscription cost: Pay what you can

Free trial: N/A

These online yoga classes break down any perceived barrier of entry, with super casual, beginner-friendly online yoga classes. There are three ways to access the content: join the 12 million subscribers on YouTube for free access to hundreds of videos, download the app (which we dubbed one of the Best Yoga Apps of 2023), or download the 30 Days of Yoga series for a different class each day. The best part? The sliding payment scale allows you to pay only what feels good to you. Most classes are about 25 minutes long, but there are shorter and longer options, too.  

Since 2015, Yoga With Adriene has been recognized by Google as the most searched workout and by The Wall Street Journal. Adriene was also awarded a Streamy Award in Health and Wellness. All that to say, she has clearly garnered some big fans. 

“You’ll find me doing yoga at home in my pajamas in my living room with my pets, so I love that Adriene also wears casual garb and is practicing in her own home with her sweet dog, too! The whole experience just feels authentic and like you don’t need fancy leggings, mat or experience to enjoy practicing yoga. You can truly come as you are.” — Kelsea Samson, contributing writer

A few instructors/classes I’ve enjoyed:

Core & Restore

Yoga for Hips & Lower Back Release

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety


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Best for kids: Cosmic Kids


  • Makes screen time positive for kids
  • Helps kids build physical, social, and emotional wellness
  • Themes to appeal to all ages, interests, and desired energy levels


  • Geared only towards ages 3 to 9

Subscription cost: $10 monthly, $65 annually

Free trial: 14 days

Cosmic Kids offers incredible, story-based online classes that make yoga, relaxation, and mindfulness more accessible and enjoyable for children. There are over 400 videos to stream, equipping kids to optimize after mental and physical health (and have fun while they’re at it). What’s more, the brand says the program is shown to be effective in classrooms worldwide

Finding the perfect video for your kid at any time is easy. Filter classes by length, category, and even energy level (calm, focus, or active). From there, your child will be swept away into a magical, meaningful story, often featuring their favorite movie characters and superheroes. The platform houses a slew of educational content for both parents and kids to grow together, including teacher training, children’s mental health resources, positive affirmations for kids and more!

Cosmic Kids has also been named Apple’s App of the Year and shouted out in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, and The Washington Post. To see what all the rave is about, you can watch free videos on their site or check out the content on their YouTube channel.

“As a children’s yoga teacher, I can undoubtedly say that Cosmic Kids transformed my understanding of how to truly engage young ones in their yoga practices. It’s no secret that I’ve memorized and performed many of their videos for some of my most successful kid yoga sessions. If you’re a parent, you can just press play and have these incredible story-based yoga classes ready to engage your kid at any time.” — Kelsea Samson, contributing writer

A few classes I’ve enjoyed:

Minions Yoga Adventure

Frozen Yoga Adventure

Popcorn the Dolphin

Best for advanced yogis: Strala


  • Quality teacher training programs
  • Wide range of class lengths
  • Highly knowledgeable instructors


  • Trainings can be pricey

Subscription cost: $20 monthly

Free trial: 7 days

Seeking online yoga classes that get back to the root of what yoga is all about? Look no further than Strala, founded and led by legendary yoga teachers, Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor. If you’ve taken and loved Stiles’ mindbodygreen Complete Guide to Yoga, you’ll love what Strala offers. The app combines the movement and healing powers of tai chi with yoga, qigong, and Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine. These healing practices are meant to help people release stress, become more resilient to challenges, and improve their overall health and well-being. 

Beyond its world-renowned instructors and quality content, Strala is an excellent choice for those looking to become a yoga teacher themselves. It offers 100+ Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, 30+Hour Yoga and Tai Chi Training for Vibrant Longevity, and more for an additional fee. 

I’ve personally practiced virtually with Tara Stiles for over a decade, and I can easily say she’s one of my all-time favorite yoga teachers. But don’t take it from me. Take it from Deepak Chopra, whose testimonial on Strala Yoga says, “I have been doing yoga for 30 years. I have had teachers of all kinds. Taking lessons from Tara has been more useful to me than taking yoga from anyone else.” mbg’s very own co-founder, Jacob Wachob, writes, “Practicing Strala’s principles of ease and natural movement helps us not only become strong and balanced in our body and mind, but also maintain a deep connection to accomplishing challenges with ease in our lives.”


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Which is the best online yoga class?

According to yoga teacher trainer, Tina Tidwell Bedore, “the best online yoga class is the one you love the most.” It’s also important to look at the quality of teachers, versatility, experience level, and price.

Which online yoga teacher training is best?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all, yoga teacher trainer Roni Harris recommends considering the price, instructors, and quality of the content. “Look for a training that is highly interactive, where you have a voice and a real human that will be supporting you,” she adds. “It’s important to choose a training being taught by people, and a studio, whose values you feel in alignment with, and whose structure can truly work with your life.”

Are online yoga classes worth it?

Yes, online yoga classes are worth it. Harris explains, “It is common not to step on the mat at all if we don’t feel able to get into a studio for a group class. When you are at home you control your environment and don’t have to work with a studio’s schedule. You can take any level, at any time that works for you. The intimate and focused experience of an at home practice brings its own powerful energy.”

Is it better to do yoga online or in person?

“I would encourage you not to ask yourself which is better and instead —which works for me today?” Harris says. “As a physical studio owner, who also has a virtual studio, I can tell you that I know people who love both types of practice equally. Being in person offers the connection of being with others [while] doing yoga online offers you total flexibility and privacy.”

The takeaway.

No matter what your goals are for your practice, adding more yoga into your routine is bound to pay off. If getting to your local studio is proving to be more stressful than zen, you may benefit from an online yoga class instead. And for those who are constantly on the go, you’ll love our picks for the 9 best yoga apps of 2023.