The straight brow trend has recently gone viral but not because it simply looks chic—instead, TikTokers report seeing a significant lift in their face, suspecting the tail of the brow was previously dragging down their eyes.

That’s why users report shaving, waxing, or plucking off the tail of their brows and filling it in straighter with a pencil, but brow expert Joey Healy recommends testing out the trend using makeup first. 

“You can use concealer to conceal the end of the brow, and then draw on a straighter brow with a pencil just to see what the look is like,” he says. This will help you visualize how straight brows will actually appear on your unique face shape

If you just want to make your current brows look more lifted, there’s a hack for that too: “Try to use a highlighter, like the Joey Healy High Rise Brow Concealer, under the brow arch, because that will make the brow tail look higher, help you with the straight look, and could give you some lift without removing hair,” Healy says. 

All in all, don’t rush into brow trends, including this seemingly harmless trick. If you do, you’ll run the risk of permanently damaging your natural brow shape and may have a harder time growing back the hair you’ve lost