“Vitamin C is important for everything in the body,” Reavey says. “But one thing notable for hair, is that vitamin C helps the body absorb iron,” she adds. While this may be important for overall health, you may be wondering what this mineral has to do with hair health in particular.

Well, iron is one of the most important nutrients to focus on when it comes to hair growth, Reavey explains. “A lot of people are low in iron, so it’s something to keep an eye on—because it really does affect hair growth,” she says. And the more vitamin C you ingest, the higher your chances are for absorbing iron.

What’s more, vitamin C helps support your skin’s collagen production. In fact, your body cannot effectively produce collagen without the antioxidant1. Vitamin C is actually able to promote fibroblast production2, tend to damaged collagen DNA, and regulate collagen synthesis3, or the pathway in which collagen is made. 

So vitamin C provides all-around support for both skin and hair—but you have to make sure you ingest enough, because your body doesn’t make vitamin C on its own. The best way to know you’re reaching your daily quota? Add a vitamin C supplement to your routine. 

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