I recently sat down with renowned brow expert Sania Vucetaj to chat about all things brow care, and one specific tip she gave worked immediately: Stop applying skin care on your brows. While I’ve never been one to slather my night cream on my eyebrows directly, I’ve been the opposite of mindful until now. 

Her reasoning? All of the thick creams and oils you use on the skin can easily weigh down the delicate hairs that make up you brows. It’s not that the oils and butters themselves harm those hairs, but imagine applying your serums and night creams to the hair on your head—it wouldn’t exactly look voluminous afterward, would it? Chances are you’d need more stylers to amp up your ‘do; in the case of brow care, that means slicking up the limp hairs with a sticky (often not-too hydrating) gel.

So I put this theory to the test. I did my best to avoid the brows when using my skin care products and gently dabbed a wet rag on them afterward to make sure they were as clean as can be. 

Once I started doing this trick, I noticed I didn’t even need brow gel to keep those hairs standing up straight–aka, one less step in my daily makeup routine. What’s more, my brows felt soft and touchable, rather than crunchy and stiff. 

Vucetaj even says my chances of growing back sparse patches have become even better, thanks to this simple switch. So the next time you head to the bathroom for your daily skin care routine, remember to be strategic with where you place it and always skip the brows—aside from a proper brow growth serum, of course.