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By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

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January 26, 2023

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Some zodiac sign pairings naturally get along, while others face more difficulty when it comes to friendships and romantic relationships. When it comes to the astrological compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius, they might seem like an unlikely duo, but here’s why they can actually have a great relationship.


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Virgo & Sagittarius compatibility.

In order to understand how Virgo and Sag fare in relationships, let’s break down what each sign is all about.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Virgin. It’s an earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, and its modality is mutable. Virgos are known for being analytical, critical, and dedicated to service.

Sagittarius is also mutable and is the ninth sign of the astrological year. It’s a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer (a centaur) and seeks adventure, exploration, and spontaneity.

As astrologer and author of Sun Signs in Love Desiree Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, Virgo and Sagittarius bond and understand each other through their shared mutable modality. Even though these signs form a “square” aspect, which is not typically considered easy, Roby Antila explains that they’re able to offer each other something the other doesn’t have over time.

“Virgo is attracted to the Sagittarian fiery, bright, expansiveness,” she says, noting that Sagittarius will appreciate feeling seen and loved by dependable Virgo. Plus, she notes, both of these signs are one for humor and will enjoy a connection with a lot of banter, back and forth, and laughter. “When you look at the signs of some of the greatest comedians of all time, a lot of them are Virgo and Sagittarius, so you’ve got a couple of clowns here,” Roby Antila adds.

Before we dig deeper into the compatibility between these two, it’s worth noting that astrological compatibility comes down to way more than just your sun sign, so it’s important to take both people’s entire birth chart into account.


Virgo and Sagittarius don’t have much in common, but the one thing they do share—their modality—can help these two bond through adaptability, humor, and growth over time.


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In a friendship.

When you get a Virgo and Sagittarius together, Roby Antila says, a romantic relationship may be more likely than a friendship. Part of the connection between these two is the undeniable attraction and tension created by the square aspect, which isn’t typically what we look for in friendships but does spur romantic interest.

Of course, these two do still have the ability to be friends, so long as the Virgo is patient and the Sagittarius is respectful around Virgo. As Roby Antila explains, Virgo is very particular and has a strong sense of “right place, right time,” whereas that isn’t exactly Sagittarius’ strong suit.

That said, if these two are friends, it will likely be through mutual friends, shared humor, or mutual interest in areas like philosophy and personal growth.

“Sagittarius can also teach Virgo how to view things through more of a rosy outlook, like, ‘Hey, don’t be so negative all the time. This could have a great outcome,” Roby Antila notes.


Virgo and Sagittarius can be friends if they respect each other’s differences and share mutual interests, and need to watch out for intolerance of the other’s ways.

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In a relationship.

According to Roby Antila, Virgo and Sagittarius have a seemingly unlikely connection that promotes a lot of growth over time. Not only will there be a lot of attraction between these two, but when they really commit (a rare occurrence for both of them, btw), they only get stronger together.

“Sagittarius will see that Virgo loves them for all their flaws because Virgo is able to serve Sag in a way that maybe nobody else has,” Roby Antila explains, adding that Virgo is able to offer Sagittarius the solid ground on which to build a foundation of love.

And for Virgo, she says, Sagittarius pushes them to grow and expand—which this meticulous earth sign sometimes needs. Think of it like the slash-and-burn method in agriculture whereby you intentionally burn the land to fertilize soil and make way for new growth—that’s the essence of this relationship.

After all, Sagittarius can be a commitment-phobe, and Virgo has very high standards, so for these two to come together is “really kind of special and unique,” Roby Antila explains “because you have these two people who are in their most natural state as single, and they’re together and they’re making it work—so there’s an effort that this pair puts in. And that’s what creates safety for both of them.”

One thing to be mindful of is a difference in energy, with Sagittarius tending to be a bit more active and Virgo a bit more reclusive. “This is a couple that’s gonna need to have their own lives and their own things going on and be respectful of that,” Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen.


While a Virgo and Sagittarius relationship might not be the most seamless of the signs, it can encourage growth and emotional safety, especially the longer they’re together.


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Ways they match up.

Sagittarius and Virgo may have completely different personalities, but they are both mutable, and the mutable signs are excellent at shifting, evolving, adapting, and changing. Together, these two can do all of that while learning from the other, which Roby Antila says will be their greatest strength.

“This is a relationship that will constantly and consistently create growth for both people. I think that’s actually the biggest takeaway from a square relationship—because their energy is so different but somehow still similar because they’re mutable,” she says, adding, “There’s this constant opportunity of learning and growing through one another because they use the modality in a different form.” (Virgo being mutable earth, and Sagittarius, mutable fire.)

And as aforementioned, both of these signs really appreciate a good laugh, and should their senses of humor align, Virgo and Sagittarius can enjoy plenty of banter, wit, and joking together.


Virgo and Sagittarius are both mutable, which allows them both to be adaptable, flexible, and open-minded. This mutability lends itself to opportunities for growth that will inevitably present themselves in this relationship.


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Where conflict might arise.

While Virgo and Sag do have excellent potential to create a healthy and supportive relationship dynamic (whether romantic or platonic), we should probably mention it will not always be smooth sailing, which is the case in any square aspect dynamic.

For one thing, Roby Antila says, Virgo is particularly, um, particular. Sag is a lot more laid back, sometimes to the point of tactlessness. Whether it’s differences in approaching chores, communication, or social graces, Virgo may find themselves frustrated with Sag’s disorderly antics, while Sag won’t appreciate Virgo’s propensity for fault-finding.

To that end, the most important thing in this relationship (and any relationship, really), is a mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s different ways of operating. When these two zodiac signs don’t try to change each other but rather learn from each other and bring their strengths together, what could be a source of conflict can actually be an opportunity for growth.


Virgo may find themselves frustrated with Sag’s disorderly antics, while Sag won’t appreciate Virgo’s propensity for fault-finding, so it’s important for these two to be patient and respectful to each other.


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The takeaway.

From an astrological POV, Virgo and Sagittarius can make great romantic partners, but only with the right balance of effort, patience, and mutual growth. The longer these two are together, the stronger their connection will become.