Are You Twin Flames?

Find out if you and your love interest are really twin flames with this quick 15-question quiz.

You’ve likely found your twin flame.

We’ll never say for certain that you’ve definitely found your twin flame, but based on your responses, it definitely seems like you and your love interest have a deep and powerful connection. Remember that these relationships are meant to teach you lessons, not necessarily last forever. Enjoy the connection you two share, allow it to transform you on a deep level, but be sure not to lose yourself along the way.

This might be your twin flameā€”but it might not.

Based on your responses, you show some signs that the two of you could be twin flames, but other responses indicate this person might not be your twin flame after all. Either way, if the relationship seems healthy and you two are happy, keep doing what you’re doing.

Doesn’t seem like it.

Based on your responses, it doesn’t appear you and your love interest are showing the typical signs of twin flames. That doesn’t mean you can’t be together, though! Soul connections don’t have to be twin flames, and you don’t have to be twin flames to enjoy a happy relationship together.

What was it like when you two first met?

How much do you two have in common?

How are you two different?

Has this person changed your relationship with yourself?

Does this relationship push you to grow?

Do you feel a physical pull towards this person?

Is the relationship emotionally turbulent?

Do you feel like you knew this person in a past life?

Have you broken up only to get back together?

Do the two of you have a psychic or empathic connection?

How is your physical intimacy?

Does this relationship have a certain push-pull dynamic?

Have deep, core wounds surfaced in this relationship?

Does this relationship feel divine or otherwise “out-of-this-world?”

Last question: Do you believe this person is your twin flame?