Good morning, it’s 2023 and I have whiplash. The teens are wearing iPod shuffles in their hair like clips (side note: why did we not think of this?). Low-rise pants are on the rise, plucking your eyebrows is cool again, Hollister baby tees are “vintage,” and wired headphones are having a major resurgence. I, for one, am not going to take the side of Millennial Curmudgeon about these trends making their way back around, because I think it’s great, actually. As an avid exerciser and reckless tech user, though, I’m most excited about the wired earbuds.

I don’t have TikTok, so I learned about this trend like all the greats of yore: via Instagram. The account @wireditgirls, to be exact. The account’s admin began documenting celebs and It girls sporting their wired earphones of choice in late 2021, and the trend began to gain traction. Beyond the enduring cool factor of a young person refusing to shell out major cash for the newest tech, owning a pair of wired headphones is ridiculously sensible. Most budget-friendly options have surprisingly great sound for the price. You can also find pairs with pliable ear tips for a secure fit, some with built-in microphones for phone calls and recording ’Toks, and luxury sets for the serious audiophile.

Let’s face it: With all of these benefits, why would you settle for a pricey pair of wireless headphones and risk looking like a [gasp] dork? I have personally owned four different pairs of AirPods, and have broken one pair, lost two pairs, and accidentally dropped the last in Tennessee’s Cumberland River. If I had used a pair of trusty wired headphones in their place, I≈d be $400 richer. And, sure, wired earphones can get tangled, but compared to the issues that come with wireless earbuds (having to charge them, sluggish Bluetooth connectivity, and struggling to keep them in your ears, just to name a few), a knotty wire is trivial. Ahead, we included seven pairs that will make you the next wired It Girl. You’ll find over-ear, in-ear, and even a few pairs of Bluetooth headphones with optional wires if you can’t make up your mind.

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