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January 17, 2023

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weighted sleep masks

January 17, 2023

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Over half of the U.S. adult population doesn’t get adequate sleep—it’s even considered a public health epidemic. Poor sleep quality (or quantity!) can result in a myriad of health issues, including a 29% increased risk of cardiovascular disease1. There are, fortunately, many lifestyle changes you can make to help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. For one, the best weighted sleep masks can help block out bedroom light and put your body into “rest” mode.

This updated, heavier version of a traditional sleep mask follows the large success of weighted blankets. A controlled study composed of 120 people showed that weighted blankets resulted in more daytime productivity and reduced fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Using similar technology, weighted sleep masks press around the eyes and are meant to help trigger the parasympathetic system, minimizing the “fight-or-flight” response and setting your body and mind up for better sleep.

With the help of Nishi Bhopal, M.D., an integrative psychiatrist and sleep doctor, we’ve compiled a list of the best weighted sleep masks of 2023. These soothing products have varying materials, features, and price points to meet different physical and lifestyle needs. Find our picks, and Bhopal’s expert insight, below.

The best weighted sleep masks of 2023:

How we picked:

We took our expert’s advice into consideration when looking for effective, quality products.

To accommodate every budget, we chose masks that range from $10 to $200.

When researching, we focused on widely-loved products by reading reviews and noting the pros and cons of each sleep mask.

We chose masks made from high-quality materials that will stand up to daily use and maintain their effectiveness over time.

Our picks for the best weighted sleep masks of 2023:

Best silk: Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask


  • 100% pure mulberry silk
  • Baffled design for a more even weight distribution


  • Non-adjustable headband

Materials: Mulberry silk

Sizes Available: One size

Trial Period: 45 days

Warranty: 1-year

A true luxury pick, this sleep mask is made from long-fiber mulberry silk, with a smooth, breathable surface that protects the delicate skin around your eyes. The hypoallergenic material features a soft, charmeuse weave. Inside, a filling of glass beads is held in place by a baffled design intended to promote even weight distribution over your eyes.

A silk-wrapped elastic headband holds the mask in place. Just note, it is non-adjustable; and some users felt it should be tighter to better support the weight of the mask. This eye mask is not machine-washable. Instead, gently hand-wash it and lay it flat to dry. While this pick is more expensive than budget options, the brand’s 45-day trial period allows you time to make sure it’s a worthy investment.

Many customers enjoy the quality and design of this mask. One such person comments, “The weight is just right, and the best part of the design is the baffling, so the beads don’t fall onto one side when you’re lying down.”

Best for anxiety: Asutra Silk Eye Pillow


  • Natural materials
  • Customizable filling
  • Free gel eye mask

Materials: 100% silk, lavender, and flaxseed

Sizes Available: One size

Trial Period: 30 days

Warranty: None

If anxiety prevents you from slipping into dreamland, this silk eye pillow may help you wind down. The eight-ounce mask is covered in hypoallergenic silk, with an inner muslin pouch filled with natural flaxseeds and organic lavender buds. Both the inner and outer pouches have zippers for easy customization of the mask’s weight and aromatherapy.

For example, if you find the lavender too strong, simply fill the interior with flaxseeds. Alternatively, some users found the mask too heavy on their eyelids, which can be remedied by simply removing some filling. Extra packets of fill materials are included with your order, along with a cooling gel eye mask, which easily slips inside the silk shell to treat puffy eyes.

This mask is made from natural, non-toxic materials and is free of synthetic fragrances and parabens. The flaxseeds mold to your face with a “bean-bag” effect, while an adjustable elastic band holds it in place when changing positions.

With its eco-friendly materials and customization, it’s no surprise that this sleep mask has earned over 900 ratings, most of them 5 stars. Reviewers say the mask blocks out “every bit of light” and helps their sleep “significantly.” Others note the “fine materials and attention to detail,” calling this mask an “excellent value.”


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Best budget: Mavogel Weighted Eye Mask


  • Removable eye pillow
  • 100% mulberry silk cover


  • Short-lived cold therapy

Materials: 100% mulberry silk, cotton, gel beads

Sizes Available: One size

Trial Period: 30 days

Warranty: None

This silk eye mask is a great budget pick for relaxing comfort. Weighing in at just over seven ounces, its mulberry silk cover is gentle on the skin and contains a removable massage pillow. The cotton-covered pillow is filled with gel beads that can be frozen for cold therapy. However, some customers say the pillow doesn’t stay cold for very long.

The mask is held in place by an adjustable elastic headband that expands from 18 to 27.5 inches. Side sleepers will appreciate the mask’s extra-thin edges that don’t dig into the face or leave unwanted marks. To clean, hand-wash the inner pillow and cover and lay flat to dry.

With over 1,700 ratings, this mask proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. A happy user who had been searching for a quality sleep mask reports that “the silky cover feels great against my skin.” Others say the eye pillow is “well-made,” and that “the weight of it is perfect.”

Best for side sleepers: Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask


  • Reversible with cool and warm sides
  • Machine-washable
  • Freezer-safe


  • Some reviewers say it moves around on your face
  • Lighter colors don’t fully block light

Materials: Jersey cottonMicrofiber polyester fleece (OEKO-TEX® certified)

Sizes Available: One size

Trial Period: 14 days

Warranty: None

Another gentle-pressure pick, this is a great choice for side sleepers looking for a weighted sleep mask that won’t dig into their face. Its versatility, comfortable fabric, and low maintenance upkeep make it a favorite among many. The nine-ounce mask has a scalloped, single-strip design featuring four weighted pods, all filled with oval-shaped BPA-free, polyethylene plastic pellets. One side is covered in jersey cotton for a cooler feel, while the other has plush microfiber fleece for cozy warmth.

Instead of hair-snagging elastic or velcro, this mask has a keyhole slit on one end, so you can pull the other side through to your desired tightness. Many side sleepers simply lay it over their eyes in bed, since the material is slightly bulky.

For added cold therapy, simply toss the mask in the freezer before using. Unlike more delicate masks, this one is machine-washable. It comes in a variety of colors, but the lighter shades aren’t as effective at completely blocking light.

This sleep mask has become an Amazon bestseller, with over 2,500 5-star ratings. People enjoy its comfortable feel and lack of restriction. According to one satisfied customer, “All I have to do because I’m a side sleeper is place it over my eyes and put the rest of the weighted part over the top of my head. If I roll over I re-adjust. Absolutely no light gets through and it is comfortable. I have an extremely sensitive head and this is lightweight and I haven’t gotten a headache. I highly recommend [it].” While most find it very comfortable, some users didn’t like having to reposition it throughout the night.


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Best for headaches or migraines: IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow


  • Massaging, ergoBead filling
  • Cold therapy
  • No direct eye pressure

Materials: Cotton coverPlastic bead filling

Sizes Available: One size

Trial Period: 30 days

Warranty: None

This compression mask was designed by an orthopedic surgeon for relief of migraines and headaches. The soft cotton cover is filled with massaging, plastic ergoBeads. Instead of having a removable, inner pouch, the mask is a single unit that can be frozen in a sealed freezer bag before use. Special stitching creates additional space between your eyes and the mask, to prevent too much pressure.

A non-adjustable, elastic strap holds the mask in place. Many people comment that, while the mask itself is highly effective, the strap is thin and eventually stretches out. Also keep in mind this mask is hand-wash only.

Over 13,000 5-star ratings have made this a top-selling mask on Amazon. One reviewer observes that it hits pain-relieving spots around the eyes, and the filling does not shift during the night. This person states, “Because of that distribution of weight, I find this is more effective at relieving sinus headache pain and some other types of headache pain.”

Best smart weighted mask: Therabody SmartGoggles


  • Three customizable modes
  • Multi-sensory sound therapy
  • 150-minute battery life

Materials: Protein leather coverCotton strap

Sizes Available: One size

Trial Period: 60 days

Warranty: One year limited

A higher-tech approach to sleep, the Therabody SmartGoggles stand out for their quality and advanced features. This eye mask is covered in protein leather and has three adjustable modes: Focus, SmartRelax, and Sleep, which are controlled by three buttons.

Focus mode alleviates tension between the eyebrows; SmartRelax uses SmartSense Technology and a biometric sensor to customize your experience while lowering your heart rate for increased relaxation; and the Sleep mode gently massages your temples with a slow-wave vibration to help you relax. You can also customize your experience by activating massage, vibration, or heat features, if desired.

This mask folds in half for portability, and the battery lasts up to 150 minutes (depending on the mode). Connect with the Therabody app via Bluetooth, where you can enjoy TheraMind: a sound therapy experience. Your purchase comes with a protective case, charging cable, and instruction manual. Bear in mind, this sleep mask weighs a whopping 14.8 ounces. When in use, it measures 8.3 inches by 4.7 inches, making its size an important consideration before buying.

Despite its space-age appearance and higher price tag, people love the effectiveness of this eye mask. According to one user, it “eliminated post-screen-work headaches almost entirely.” Another user says it’s an “excellent relaxation gadget that has become a part of my daily routine.”


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How to choose a weighted sleep mask:

If you’re shopping for your own weighted sleep mask, keep these important criteria in mind.

Preferred sleep position:

Not every sleep mask is suitable for every sleep position. If you are primarily a side sleeper, a bulky mask won’t be comfortable. People who often change positions will want a mask that has even weight distribution, to prevent the filling from falling to one side or the other.

Filling material:

The type of filling you choose will largely determine how the mask will need to be cleaned. If you choose a mask with aromatherapy materials, such as lavender, Bhopal advises to “make sure you can tolerate the scent.” In her opinion, “glass beads are a good option for most people.”

Personal preferences:

Be sure to pick a mask that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Bhopal recommends choosing one with a fabric that “won’t irritate your skin.” She explains that, “generally, a natural fiber like cotton or silk is a good option.” That in mind, “some people might prefer a softer, fuzzier fabric,” she adds.


Most weighted eye masks range from 10 to 16 ounces. Some people prefer more pressure from heavier options, while Bhopal says “a lighter version is more comfortable for others.” New users may acclimate better by starting with a lighter weight.

Pros and cons of a weighted sleep mask:

According to Bhopal, the benefits of weighted sleep masks haven’t been proven “from a scientific standpoint,” but they can still contribute to improved rest.


  • The filling of weighted eye masks enable them to contour to the face more effectively than regular sleep masks
  • They block out light, “which is helpful for sleep and the circadian rhythm,” Bhopal says
  • Weighted eye masks can be a part of a “self-care, wind-down routine” at night, according to Bhopal


  • No scientific studies have been done on weighted sleep masks
  • A weighted sleep mask may disrupt your sleep if it moves around


Is it okay to sleep with a weighted eye mask?

While they are considered safe, no scientific research has been published on weighted eye masks. “Safety and risks aren’t known at this time, and there aren’t any specific guidelines on duration of use,” Bhopal confirms.

What are weighted eye masks filled with?

Fill materials include glass beads, plastic beads, flaxseed, sand, and herbs.

Can I wash a weighted eye mask?

Yes, but some are hand-wash only. Be sure to check the brand’s guidelines before purchasing or washing your mask.

Can weighted masks help with headaches?

Some headaches are affected by sensitivity to light, and Bhopal says an eye mask can help in such cases. However, she adds that “more research is needed to understand the benefits for people with headaches and migraines.”

Can a tight sleep mask affect vision or make it blurry?

Yes, if too tight, Bhopal says a mask “can cause temporary issues with blurred vision.” She explains that the goal is to have the mask tight enough to “block out light, but not so tight that it causes discomfort or eye problems.”

The takeaway.

Although there is not yet scientific evidence supporting the benefits of weighted sleep masks, the idea behind these products is similar to that of weighted blankets, which have gained popularity for reducing stress and improving sleep quality. Weighted sleep masks are a simple, safe alternative to prescription sleep aids and come in a variety of styles and materials.