If you’re back to a regular gym routine, part of a spin-class group, or trying other workout sessions, you’re going to want to travel with the best gym bags. Our gym gear collectively took the back seat the last few years, but now it’s back to center stage. I can confidently share that the last time I went to a workout establishment of any sort was at least two years ago, pre-pandemic, leaving me with the task of freshening up my rotation of workout sneakers, activewear, and gym totes.

Although many of us are used to the idea of whipping out a whole duffel bag during our trips to sweatsville, there are plenty of other options—ranging from small to large bags—that you can try based on your needs. That’s not to say the duffel is dead, but most of the styles have undergone a complete makeover.

When it comes to shopping for the right gym bag, it will depend on your routine. Do you envision yourself heading out after work, and therefore, require a smaller, more collapsible pick where you can also safely stuff your computer? (We have a feeling you’ll love Eddie Bauer’s Stowaway Packable). Perhaps you’re taking a yoga class that requires a bit more space to hold your mat, amongst other things. Whatever fitness endeavors you’re pursuing, we rounded up the best gym bags from Nike, Baboon to the Moon, Outdoor Voices, Everlane, and more.

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