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By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

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January 5, 2023

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We’ve got a full moon in Cancer coming this Friday evening, and like any water full moon, it’s bound to be an emotional one. Here’s a bit on the astrology behind what to expect under this full moon, plus how to navigate its energy, according to astrologers.


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The astrology behind this month’s full moon in Cancer.

The Cancer full moon will peak this Friday, January 6, just after 6 p.m. EDT. According to astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D., we always have a Cancer full moon during winter, and it tends to be the loneliest—and even most intense—full moon of the year.

The six-month cycle of this Cancer moon began back with the new moon in Cancer over the summer, just after the solstice, and now, we’re freshly coming off the winter solstice, highlighting big milestones, as well as the milestones we’ve yet to reach.

Cancer is also a water sign, making this a particularly emotional moon, and as Pennington puts it, we will all get wet, with some of us getting drenched. Couple that with the fact that Mercury and Mars are both retrograde, and things could feel frustratingly stagnant right now.

The good news is, those retrogrades are encouraging us to slow down and take stock. It may be a new year according to our calendars, but this full moon reminds us that if the energy isn’t right to make advances, we don’t need to force anything. Rather, watery and sensitive Cancer wants us to tune into our emotions, so when we do feel ready to move forward, we’ll have more clarity.

How to work with this moon’s energy.

As the AstroTwins previously wrote for mbg, Cancer itself is ruled by the moon, so a Cancer full moon will indeed feel extra intense. To that end, they say, it represents the waters of the womb, and so water rituals would be a fitting way to embody this energy. “Take a bubble bath, honor the women in your life, and most importantly, nurture yourself,” they add.

And speaking of bubble baths, you could take it a step further and use your bath to connect with the water element and the moon even further. “Connect with lunar energy by submerging yourself in water, draw a healing bath around the time of the full moon, and gather your favorite salts, crystals, and candles,” the twins suggest.

As you bathe, they recommend saying your full moon intentions aloud while you’re relaxing in the tub and visualizing the full moon restoring every cell of your body. And don’t forget to make some moon water if that’s something you’re into!

Lastly, as one of the potentially loneliest full moons of the year, the twins note that January’s full moon, also known as the “Wolf Moon,” is a great time to “hang out with your own ‘wolf pack’ and let out a collective howl.” (Full moon circle, anyone?)


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The takeaway.

With great emotions comes great healing, and while this Cancer full moon isn’t necessarily going to be the easiest full moon of the year, it has the potential to shed light on the emotional depths we may have been avoiding. Be sure to check out our sign-by-sign horoscope for more on how this moon will impact you, and remember that above all, sensitivity can be a strength.


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