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December 27, 2022

Kara Ladd

By Kara Ladd

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Kara Ladd is a spiritual health expert, meditation teacher and Founder of KL Consulting, a conscious marketing consultancy for modern, mindful brands.

15 Calming Crystals + How To Use Them For Stress Relief

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December 27, 2022

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You may relate crystals to all things “high vibe,” but considering they form at the core of the earth, they certainly have a calm, grounding energy. Simply admiring a serene stone’s appearance, the muted color and smooth texture, can help remind us to slow down and breathe. All of our energies are unique, so the key is discovering which crystal works best for you based on your present energy and intention.  

Here are 15 calming crystals to help you relax and self-soothe.


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Selenite is a translucent white color and energetically cleanses the aura and provides clarity. It also can be used to bring awareness to the higher self, including past and future lives.

Selenite was named after Selene the Greek goddess of the Moon, meaning literally the stone of the Moon. This crystal has been prized by humans for thousands of years and is one of the most popular to clear and connect today.

Amethyst Crystal for Health & Happiness

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Amethyst is a variety of quartz that occurs throughout the world ranging from deep purple to lavender in color. It supports the crown and third-eye chakra, the higher energy centers, helping to de-stress, block negative energies, and connect to your intuition.

This precious light-blue-green stone, the birthstone of March, is known metaphysically as the “stone of courage.” It has a gentle, soothing energy that clears confusion and judgment—especially helpful for highly sensitive people who want to trust their intuition more. In both Buddhism and Christianity, aquamarine is believed to promote a happy marriage, so if you’re navigating rocky relationship waters, this may be the stone to soothe your spirit.

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This crystal is a class of chalcedony with light blue and white colors. Blue lace agate is a soothing stone that aids in calm communication. With its soft blue color, it allows us to take a step back, resist impulsive reactions, and harmonize our emotions, promoting grace. The stone was first discovered in Namibia in the ’60s and is where the most natural variants of blue agate are mined.

Rhodonite was named from the Greek word meaning “a rose” due to its pink-red color—although it can also be found in brownish-red and black varieties. It’s an excellent crystal for manifesting love and community support. It has been nicknamed the “Stone of Love” due to its ability to fully clear, open, and activate your heart. It’s also known as the “rescue stone,” supporting forgiveness and compassion, the essential virtues necessary for unconditional love to flourish.


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A rare, ancient black stone that’s about 2 billion years old, Shungite is used for protection, grounding, and embodying ancient cosmic wisdom. It’s said to be one of Peter the Great’s favorite precious stones. He even made all of his soldiers carry a piece of it during military campaigns, to purify water and use on their wounds. 

Angelite is a rare, baby blue soothing stone that represents peace and unity. It’s considered an otherworldly gem, aiding in astral traveling and shamanic journeying, thus ideal for post-healing session integration. Discovered in the ’80s, it’s mined only in Peru in blue and white masses.


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This calming crystal ranges in color from blue to white, yellow, orange, and red. It connects one to a sense of clarity. Many people use it to connect with angels. According to Sicilian legends, celestites fell from the stars and onto Earth. In Greek mythology, celestite is said to originate from the Pleiades, a prominent group of stars.

Moonstone is a milky-colored stone with an opalescent sheen. It can be white, rainbow, peach or blue. It represents feminine energy, personal reflection, and intuition. Many use it to support new beginnings, bringing new hopes and dreams in alignment with their spiritual selves.

Both the Romans and the Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar deities. The Roman natural historian Pliny coined the name of this gemstone when he wrote that moonstone’s shimmery appearance shifted with the phases of the moon—a belief that held until well after the 16th century.


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Lepidolite is a type of mica that is purple, yellow, and/or white. It’s an important source of lithium, a lightweight metal that is very calming. The energy of lepidolite promotes self-love by reminding people of their innocence. It is used to reduce stress and alleviate dependency.

Tourmaline is crystallized in a prismatic structure that looks like needles. It promotes a neutral perspective by balancing the masculine and feminine energies and the body’s left and right sides. In India, it’s used in sacred ceremonies to identify the root cause of tribulations in one’s life. In shamanism, it’s a common crystal used in protection and healing rituals. 

Named in 1797 from the Latin word fluere, which means “to flow,” Fluorite occurs in all colors of the rainbow. The stone promotes stable growth and security. Specifically, green fluorite brings a sense of renewal and tidying up our minds. Purple fluorite helps us receive and communicate psychic messages. Yellow fluorite helps harness creative endeavors that authentically express who we are. 

Image by PamWalker68 / iStock

A stone known for enhancing strength, courage, and perseverance of self, Tiger’s-Eye is a member of the chalcedony mineral class family. It has a luminous swirl of brown, gold, and black. It’s associated with fierce feminine energy, even though it has a consistency that is usually associated with masculine energy.

It used to be worth more than gold. Roman soldiers wore tiger’s-eye engraved to protect them in battle, which is still used as a protective stone today. In ancient Egypt, tiger’s-eye was regarded as one of the most prized gems of the Nile River Valley.

Historians believe humans and lapis lazuli have been connected for more than 6,500 years. Jewelry made from this lazurite-rich rock has been found in prehistoric tombs in Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

It’s often found in shades of deep blue with gold and connects most prominently to the third-eye and throat chakras, supporting us to speak our truth with clarity. This stone also encourages psychic abilities, deepening your connection to your natural abilities. 

Smoky Quartz supports the root (or Earth) chakra supporting grounded energy and protection in the present moment. It’s typically a translucent gray, with brown tints, that range from almost completely transparent to nearly opaque gray or black. 

It’s honored in Scotland as the national gem. In fact, it was The Druid’s (high-ranking class in ancient Celtic cultures) first choice in sacred ceremonies and rituals. It was also believed to guide souls to the afterlife and keep evil spirits away.

How to use crystals to calm down:


Hold them while meditating, manifesting, or working.

“My first entry point (using calm crystals) is to touch and hold them,” says Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse.

Place your crystal of choice in the palm of your hands the next time you’re meditating, writing your manifestation list, or working on a big project. Breathe in deeply and connect to the unique vibrational energy of the crystal. “They’re earth tools that help you to recalibrate your vibrational frequency,” affirms Askinosie. This energy can be strengthened if you program the crystal with a calm intention. 


Decorate your home with them.

Give your space an energy makeover! Ideal crystal placements in your home include selenite on your windowsill, in your entryway, or in your bedroom. “If you have technology in your room, I highly suggest you use shungite…selenite and shungite work well together,” says Askinosie. If you have a lot of small crystals, she recommends getting a set of stackable drawers and organizing them by color for ease of use and storage


Create a crystal grid—or crystal body grid.

Crystal grids are great, but have you ever tried a crystal body grid? “My second entry point (working with calm crystals) is to lay them on my body,” says Askinosie. “Three stones can be powerful and not too expensive…place selenite across the middle part of the body to get aligned…black tourmaline at the base of your feet and amethyst on your third eye.” When in doubt, use your intuition to guide you on where to place. Simply having them on your body is a great start.  

If you’re looking for round-the-clock calm support, try wearing crystal accessories. Allow your specific intention to guide your accessory of choice. Looking to get grounded? Opt for crystal sandals. Interested in opening your heart? A necklace may be the most aligned choice. Whichever accessory feels the most aligned, calm crystal jewelry is an easy way to integrate peaceful energy with ease into your everyday life. 


Use them as a self-care tool.

There are so many crystal beauty tools to work with these days—face and body gua sha, rollers, facial globes, and more. You can also add crystals to your bath ritual: in the water or around the exterior. (Just be cautious as some crystals like selenite disintegrate in water.)

Similar to how you charge a crystal, you can program your bathwater. “Make an infinity sign with the crystal and then say words (set an intention) to power the water,” says Askinosie.

Calming crystals to start with

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best calming crystal for sleep?

The most common crystal associated with good zzz’s is amethyst. It’s often recommended for bed-gridding—placing specifically chosen crystals under your mattress.

“I also love selenite… It’s a purifier, healer, and calming device,” says Askinosie. If you have a lot of technology in your room, shungite is a great stone to ground that energy. 

What’s the best crystal for overthinking?

“Lapis lazuli on the third eye is extremely calming,” says Askinosie.

This stone connects the third eye, the energy center that lies in the center of your forehead, and throat to speak with clarity. The stone and placement help quiet the mental chatter so you can find more stillness and clarity within.

What’s the best calming crystal for stress?

“The -ites all have a soothing energy,” comments Askinosie. Specifically, she recommends celestite, a serene stone associated with divine energy and peace.

For super-dense times, Askinosie recommends pairing celestite with a darker stone like a black tourmaline or smoky quartz. “I’m not saying the gentle ones like celestite can’t get you there (to a place of calm), but a blend of both can help bring a grounded energy, and then we can breathe.”

The takeaway.

Crystals may not be a calm cure-for-all, but if used with intention, attention, and consistency, they can be a transformational addition to your spiritual health routine. Listen to your intuition, and then track your progress in order to harness greater awareness for you and your unique energy. The reality is you can program any of your favorite crystals to be calming. We’re the ones recalibrating our own energy, acting as our own healer. The stone is simply there to support us in the process.