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December 18, 2022

Lauren David

By Lauren David

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December 18, 2022

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Want a crystal to help attract safety and prosperity? Pyrite, also aptly known as Fool’s Gold, is a perfect pick. We asked crystal experts to explain what this mineral is, how it’s made, its spiritual meaning, and all the many ways you can incorporate it into your life for abundance and protection.


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What is pyrite? 

Pyrite is a mineral that is made of iron sulfide. Found in Canada, Mexico, Namibia, Peru, and Spain, pyrite often gets confused for gold, hence its nickname, Fool’s Gold.

“Pyrite and gold share a similar luster, structure, and brassy yellow color,” explains Rachel Glarner, the owner of New Moon Beginnings crystal shop. However, Glarner adds, you’ll be able to tell the difference between the two by their firmness: You can scratch gold with a fingernail or a knife, but not pyrite.

Glamorous pyrite is thought to represent abundance, prosperity, and wealth. “It can help you manifest your goals into reality and also motivate you to pursue them,” says Glarner.

Types of pyrite crystals.

The way the iron sulfide crystallizes in pyrite influences the crystal’s shape. Depending on where you look, you can find pyrite in many different arrangements. For example, crystal expert and reiki master Laura Ellis says that there is thought to be only one mine (in Spain) where you can find perfect cubes of pyrite. “Octahedral pyrite can be found in Peru, which forms with sphalerite as a secondary mineral,” says Ellis.


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Benefits of pyrite. 

So, you may be asking, what is pyrite crystal used for? Here’s a peek into some of its spiritual benefits:


It can help attract wealth and abundance.

Gold-like pyrite is thought to support an abundance mindset. “It is a great tool to use for manifestation and abundance,” says Ellis. Glarner recommends using pyrite when you want to attract more money into your life. (Here are some techniques to get you started.)

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If you’re in need of protection or help with negative ways of thinking, pyrite is considered a supportive crystal to turn to. “Pyrite is a powerful stone for protection, which shields you from negative energy and negative thought patterns,” explains Glarner.


It strengthens the solar plexus chakra.

Pyrite has a strong connection to the sun and helps strengthen the solar plexus chakra. “This crystal increases your motivation and confidence,” Glarner says.


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“Pyrite is one of the best stones for fortifying the auric field,” says Ellis, so it’s a good one to use if you sense any “weak spots” in your aura left by stress or energy vampires.

Ways to use pyrite:


Use it to meditate on your manifestations.

Since pyrite is a crystal that is helpful for attracting abundance, it’s beneficial to incorporate it into your manifesting. “An easy affirmation you can use to program your pyrite is: ‘I am a money magnet,'” says Glarner. “When choosing to meditate with pyrite, I recommend that you hold your piece in your hands and repeat this intention eight times.”


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A fun way to interact with this luxe crystal is to wear it as jewelry. “Wearing pyrite will provide you with energy and protection while attracting abundance,” says Glarner. People who have low self-esteem or are easily swayed by others’ opinions will benefit even more from having this stone on them when they’re out in the world.

However, Glarner notes that you need to be careful when wearing this stone as jewelry since it can corrode if exposed to water.


Place it in your pocket to stay grounded.

If you feel the need to connect to the earth, practice grounding, or set stronger boundaries, keeping pyrite within reach can help. “You can carry pyrite in your pocket for strengthening the aura,” says Ellis. “When we are grounded, we are protected.” 


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Place it in an area where you want protection.

Wondering where to keep your pyrite? Since this crystal is used for protection, you can also place it near the entrance to your home. “You can place pyrite in your home to provide protective energies to your space,” says Glarner. “If you place it near your front door, it will also attract prosperity, abundance, and good vibes into your home.” 


Keep it near where you work.

“Placing your piece of pyrite in workspaces or creative spaces will also help one achieve professional success,” adds Glarner, so you might want to snag one for your desk.

Pyrite in combination with other crystals.

Pyrite can be combined with other crystals to enhance its power, and these are Glarner’s favorite combinations:

Ellis shares that she also combines pyrite with sunstone for confidence.

Cleansing and charging your crystal.

Every now and again, it’s a good idea to clean your crystals to clear away any negative energy they may be holding.

Luckily, cleaning pyrite is very easy. Glarner says you just need to use a soft, dry cloth to clean your stone (but don’t expose it to a cleaner or water). “If pyrite gets wet, it can become discolored and rust,” she says.

When it comes to charging pyrite, you can use any traditional charging method such as exposing it to smoke, putting it out during a full moon, or placing it on a selenite slab, shares Glarner. She also loves to place pyrite out in the sun since it aligns with the fire element. “Just be careful retrieving your pyrite after charging it in the sun because it can become very hot,” she notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which zodiac sign is pyrite associated with?

Pyrite is connected to the zodiac sign of Leo, which is not surprising since Leo is a regal sign ruled by the sun in astrology. 

What chakra is pyrite associated with?

Pyrite is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which relates to each person’s power, self-worth, and emotions.  

Is pyrite a good crystal to sleep with?

Ellis and Glarner don’t recommend sleeping with this crystal because it’s full of energy that might keep you up at night.

How should pyrite be worn as jewelry?

Ellis recommends wearing this crystal on the body over the solar plexus chakra. “A necklace or amulet is best for protection. A bracelet is best for manifestation and attracting wealth, success, and abundance,” adds Glarner.

The takeaway.

Looking to attract abundance or gain some protection? Consider adding pyrite to your crystal collection. Purchase this stone from a reputable crystal shop and you can begin using it in your meditation practices or rituals to manifest more prosperity into your life.