Is it just me or does time sort of speed up during the last month of the year? It’s as if December 1 hits, and then days, nights, meetings, appointments, and events all start accelerating as we hurtle toward the holidays. 

At SELF, we’ll be the first ones to say that any attempts you can make at slowing down, taking breaks, and resting are well worth the effort. You deserve to feel like a human, not a racehorse fueled by caffeine. But sometimes, you can only do so much to mitigate a particularly busy period during the year. Work must be attended, family must be fed, gifts must be bought

It’s during these times that I find it especially useful to schedule my workouts. I know it sounds counterintuitive—why would you add one more thing on your to-do list?! Especially if it feels as superfluous as working out? But here’s the thing: Workouts don’t have to be grueling, and they definitely don’t have to be long. That’s why I’d suggest reframing any workout you do this month as a break—it’s time you get to yourself. Whether you’re squeezing in a couple of quick weight lifting circuits or have 10 minutes for a one-mile run on a treadmill, it’s all good. Personally, I find that when I carve out time for a quick workout—even if my brain is telling me there are “more important things” I should be doing—I feel so much better after. My mind is clear, I’m less stressed, and I feel more prepared to tackle my list. 

That’s the idea behind this playlist. All of the songs are intended for a quick, upbeat, “get in, get out, get on with your life” type of workout. The tracks here are a bit zero-to-60: They’ve all got fast tempos, heavy beats, and solid rhythms to get you moving in a hurry. The best part about this playlist? Since your workout is so short, you don’t even need the full list. So if you don’t like a song, skip it! Move right along to one that really feels motivating. 

And while we’re at it, here are some suggestions for very quick workouts:

Remember: If movement and exercise bring joy to your life, you deserve the time to make it happen!