In a different weight class, Toma captured her second career World championship.

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As a weightlifter, Loredana Elena Toma isn’t known to mess around. In 2017, the Romanian competitor officially burst on the international scene when she captured the Senior 63-kilogram World title at the 2017 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Weightlifting Championships. Years later, with more training, seasoning, and strength under her belt, Toma is still chugging along as a powerhouse.

On Dec. 12, 2022, Toma successfully notched a 119-kilogram (262.3-pound) snatch. The feat in Bogotá, Colombia, set a Senior World Record for the 71-kilogram division, helped Toma win the 71-kilogram World championship, and is five kilograms more than Toma’s previous all-time personal record of 114 kilograms (251.3 pounds). She captured that mark at the 2021 European Weightlifting Championships (EWC).

With the 71-kilogram weight class relatively new to the international stage, Toma’s World Record snatch also set a precedent for the previously untouched World Standard. The said snatch World Standard mark of 117 kilograms (257.9 pounds) stood for four years without being claimed before Toma eclipsed it at the 2022 IWF Worlds. The IWF established the World Standard on lifts for competitive weight classes when the organizing body reorganized its divisions in 2018.

On her clean & jerk, Toma was able to lock out 137 kilograms (302 pounds) to give herself her 256-kilogram (564.4-pound) World title-winning total. Here’s a quick rundown of Toma’s individual performance at the 2022 IWF World Weightlifting Championships:

Loredana Elena Toma | 2022 IWF World Weightlifting Championships Top Stats

  • Clean & Jerk — 137 kilograms (302 pounds)
  • Snatch — 119 kilograms (262.3 pounds)
  • Total — 256 kilograms (564.4 pounds)

While Toma’s World Record snatch mark and World title are undoubtedly the primary highlights of the 71-kilogram weight class’ output at the 2022 IWF Worlds, it wasn’t the only notable figure or performance. For example, fifth-place finisher/American weightlifter Olivia Reeves took home a clean & jerk bronze medal of 139 kilograms (306.4 pounds).

For further context on a macro scale, 104 kilograms (229.3 pounds) was enough for a gold medal on the snatch at the 2021 WWC. At the 2022 edition of the WWC, nine of the participating 71-kilogram Women’s athletes snatched more than 104 kilograms. Meanwhile, 135 kilograms was enough for the clean & jerk gold meal at the 2021 WWC. In 2022, six of the featured competitors clean & jerked more than 135 kilograms.

Here’s an overview of the Women’s 71-kilogram podium at the 2022 IWF World Weightlifting Championships:

2022 IWF World Weightlifting Championships | Women’s 71-Kilogram Podium

  • First place — Loredana Elena Toma (Romania): 256-kilogram (564.4-pound) total | 119-kilogram (262.3-pound) Senior World Record snatch | 137-kilogram (302-pound) clean & jerk
  • Second place — Zeng Tiantian (China): 253-kilogram (557.7-pound) total | 113-kilogram (241.1-pound) snatch | 140-kilogram (308.6-pound) clean & jerk
  • Third place — Angie Palacios Dajomes (Ecuador): 252-kilogram (555.5-pound) total | 116-kilogram (255.7-pound) snatch | 136-kilogram (299.8-pound) clean & jerk

With a new World Record and another World title to her name in a different division, Toma could theoretically stop lifting heavy barbells overhead immediately and still be remembered as a great. Instead, something says that the superstar may write another illustrious chapter of her career in 2023.

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