Many factors determine the size and shape of your breasts, which might influence your feminine physique to some extent. Breasts change shape and size throughout your life, unlike other body parts that stop growing after reaching a specific size.

Today, most women opt for breast augmentation or implant surgery to increase breast size as desired. However, particular exercises with proper technique can help you get fuller and bouncier breasts. Even though exercises do not yield permanent results like breast implant surgery, they are less invasive with no side effects.

The Effectiveness of Breast Exercises

Exercise is affordable and safe compared to costly surgery and invasive breast enlargement methods with potential health risks. A study shows that exercising helps strengthen the surrounding muscles, especially in breast cancer survivors. It would enhance the appearance of the chest, improve your posture, and give an illusion of perkier breasts.

Toning and strengthening the pectorals, the muscles beneath your breasts, can cause a slightly lifted appearance, but it’s only temporary. Therefore, no exercise can give you the permanent breast size or shape you desire. 

The only guaranteed method to increase breast size is breast implant surgery. However, supplementing exercise with diet can help in some instances.

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For example, strength training exercises and eating nutrient- and calorie-rich foods can help fill in loose skin and plump up the breasts among underweight women. If you are overweight, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise can improve your breast size and appearance.

The HealthifyMe Note

Keep in mind that exercises don’t have a direct impact on your breast size. They only affect your pectoral muscles, making the breasts appear more prominent and firmer. And even after regular exercise, there are still possibilities of not achieving the desired results. Therefore, combine exercises with a healthy diet to increase breast size.

Six Exercises to Naturally Increase Breast Size

Bench Press

It is a good workout for strengthening the pectoral muscles and pulling them forward to increase the chest size. Bench pressing will pull on the chest muscles and make them more toned. Although, it does not affect the size of your cup.


  • Lie on the bench with your front facing up.
  • Make sure your neck, spine, and hips align with the bench.
  • To lift the weight, extend your arms out in front of you, lowering them to your chin level, keeping them away from your body.
  • Holding the weight in front of you, raise it by extending your arms as high as possible while keeping it off your body.
  • Start by lifting the weight, then lower it to chin level.
  • Repeat this exercise two or three times for 5 to 10 rounds each. 

Tug & Pull

Your chest muscles will be strengthened and stretched during the tug-and-pull exercise. In addition, it assists in firming and raising the breasts. Both the breast size and the curve will rise as a result. 


  • On a level surface, place one leg in front of the other while maintaining a straight spine and a fixed chin.
  • Create a tug or pull now by using the arm.
  • Place the opposite hand slightly backwards on a solid support with one leg in front of the other.
  • Apply a little pressure to the hand now, and you’ll feel your chest muscles stretching.
  • Repeat the exercise by placing the other leg in front.


Push-ups are one of the most adaptable chest workouts available. Perhaps to many women’s surprise, push-ups are pretty helpful in enhancing breast size and form. They also strengthen your entire body, focusing on your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core.


  • Your palms should be adjacent to your shoulder as you lay flat on your stomach.
  • Make sure the toes are on the ground.
  • Lift yourself slowly, keeping your knees straight.
  • For the best outcomes, increase the count to 8–12 times.

The Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

The Cobra pose, also known as Bhujangasana, is one of the major asanas that lift your chest. In addition to strengthening the breast muscles and assisting in their long-term growth, the pose improves blood circulation.


  • On your front, lie down with your arms by your sides.
  • You will stretch your chest and lift your head by raising your arms and lifting your upper body with your palms.
  • Return gradually to your starting position.
  • Do it six times per day.

Butterfly Press

Butterfly press workout pushes and focuses the pectoral muscles primarily. With the right equipment, it is simple to complete in the gym. However, if you don’t frequent the gym, you only need a set of dumbbells for this workout.


  •  Maintain a straight back while sitting on a chair.
  •  When lifting the dumbbells, begin by tugging with your elbows and arms.
  •  Now, spread your hands as wide as they allow and take a deep breath.
  •  Draw your shoulders in and exhale.
  •  Perform this workout 15 times daily to begin seeing effects.

Arm Circles

Your pectoral muscles are pulled upward by a coordinated movement of your arms, which raises your breasts. It will benefit the arms, upper body, and chest. 


  •  Stretch your arms wide.
  •  Move your arms in short, counterclockwise circles.
  •  Take a minute to do it.
  •  Continue in the opposite clockwise direction.
  •  You can perform two to three sets.


Exercise can help tone and strengthen your pectoral muscles, which are present beneath your breast tissues. Strength training exercises that target these muscles can give your breasts a firmer appearance.

However, exercise does not guarantee permanent results or the breast size you want. You can opt for cosmetic treatment like breast enhancement surgery in such cases.

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