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Why We All Need To Be Compassionate Manifestors + How To Get Started

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December 2, 2022

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Want to up your manifestation game? You may wonder if you need the right moon phase, crystal, mantra, or guru. Yet the answer could be as simple as connecting to your heart and your better nature. I’ve noticed that people often manifest more quickly and powerfully when they work with compassion as a central point of focus.

Most people try their best to be compassionate with others, whether it’s from the kindness of their heart, part of a spiritual practice, or in a mindful effort to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated. Knowing that compassion for others—and even for yourself—can help you co-create is one more great motivator to be a compassionate person.


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Below are some tips for manifesting with compassion and why this practice works so well:


When you attune with compassion, you automatically call in dynamic spiritual forces.

You may not realize this consciously, but when you work compassion into your intentions, like, “I want to earn more money partly so I can make more charitable contributions,” you are aligning your energy with powerful spiritual forces that are benevolent by nature and always looking to create more love and healing on the planet.

Naturally, you want more money to take care of yourself and your loved ones yet highlight the tithing you plan to do as well. You may not call on an archangel specifically, for example, but I believe this kind of altruism gets the attention of those entities and they will lend a hand—or wing—to assist you. And that’s the kind of co-creative assistance that creates miracles.


If you can authentically want something for others in your life as much as you want it for yourself, you’ll be more motivated.

Whether it’s wanting a new electric car because of how much less pollution it will cause in the community you love or wanting to buy your first home because you know how much it will help heal a partner’s challenging childhood wounds, wanting things for the people in our immediate environment brings out the best in us. Keep the other person, or people, in your mind and how they will benefit when going after goals. This will help you dig deep and push through obstacles that appear.


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Focusing on how your manifestation will be an act of healing compassion for yourself activates self-love and makes you even more magnetic.

Ever notice that during those seasons in life when you feel most comfortable with and accepting of yourself, people seem more drawn to you? When your self-love is dialed in, others may pick up on that vibe without even knowing it.

Have trouble connecting with self-love or looking for ways to practice it more mindfully? Try my page-a-day calendar A Year of Self-Love, which has a self-love affirmation and action step for every day of the year.


Manifestation is often not a straightforward process, so it provides the perfect opportunity to be compassionate with yourself in your own thoughts.

If you’re trying to manifest an opportunity as an artist or entrepreneur, during those bumpy moments in your co-creation journey, practice loving self-talk. Remember that you can hold yourself accountable in a loving way, and you often get the best out of yourself when you do. Be encouraging, gentle, and kind to yourself in your own thoughts, and this will soften your energy, which can make you more receptive and open. This is important when manifesting! You need to stay flexible because things rarely happen when and how you might imagine.

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Compassionately consider how what you want for yourself can help the larger collective.

This doesn’t necessarily mean devoting your life to saving an endangered species or finding the cure to a disease. Yes, your compassion might very well be that grand an endeavor, but it does not have to be. You might simply focus on how creating something in your life—like more friends or less anxiety—might make you a happier or more present person. This makes you able to give more compassion to the collective in tiny but hugely beneficial ways, like smiling and sharing your happiness with a cashier you interact with, or being able to show up more for family members when you’re less distracted by worry. By seriously considering how you can help the collective, you may gain more access to both the collective’s energetic grace and practical resources.

Don’t take my word for it. Try manifesting with more compassion, and see if the journey is more enjoyable or if you have more amazing results at your destination.

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