For those in need of relaxation after tough workouts, too much screen time, or stressing over the holidays, good news: Theragun Cyber Monday deals are running until midnight tonight. For its Cyber Monday sale, Therabody, the maker of Theragun, is offering many massage gun deals, plus markdowns on its other top-rated recovery devices, like compression boots and foam rollers. But that’s not the only retailer marking down the top-rated devices. You’ll find similar Therabody price cuts at Amazon, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Target during their respective Cyber Week sales.

Therabody and Theragun Cyber Monday sale details

The wellness tech brand is offering $150 off the Theragun G4 Pro, $101 off the SELF Certified Theragun Elite  and the Theragun Prime, and $50 off SELF Home Fitness Award-winning Theragun Mini. What’s more, you can nab up to $300 off its RecoveryAir compression devices, which, if you’ve been eyeing them, is a deeper discount than its Black Friday price. 

Aside from recovery devices, if you buy a TheraFace Pro and tack on the hot and cold ring attachments, you’ll get a Wave Duo roller for free. And throughout the sale, TheraOne CBD topicals are buy one, get one free. 

Why should you buy a Theragun on Cyber Monday?

The Theragun looks a bit like a power drill and rapidly pounds your body at 40 beats per second using what’s called “percussive massage therapy” to reportedly relieve muscle pain. According to experts, Theraguns can be used the same way as a foam roller or massage ball to work out muscle kinks, but the force it produces may actually help you reach even deeper muscle groups. 

The various massage gun models come at a steep price and rarely go on sale—which is why it’s so exciting to see a solid Cyber Monday sale on the Theragun. These are easily the best discounts you’ll find during the year, so we recommend scooping them up while you have the chance. Theraguns are a great gift for fitness enthusiasts (ahem, holiday season!), and a massage is also a wonderful form of self-care.

From the Theragun Mini to Wave smart vibrating rollers, below we’ve rounded up some of the top Therabody products on sale for Cyber Monday. Just make sure to check out by Monday at midnight. We’ve got our eye out for other great Cyber Monday wellness deals, so keep this page bookmarked, as we’ll be updating it with up-to-date info.

The best Theragun Cyber Monday deals

The premium Theragun Pro is Therabody’s strongest, professional-grade model for an at-home deep tissue massage. The Theragun Elite is the brand’s quietest model, for anyone with roommates, a young child, or thin walls. Our senior fitness editor extensively tested the Theragun Elite, she gave it a great review, saying: “It delivers on reducing stiffness and improving mobility, allowing me to continue working out at the frequency and intensity that I do.” The Theragun Prime is the no-frills model that’s simple to use for everyday muscle soreness, and the Theragun mini has a portable size but doesn’t skimp on power.

Therabody Theragun Elite (4th Gen.)

We’re eyeing the RecoveryAir compression boots, which deliver pneumatic compression to tired legs after travel, exercise, or a long day on your feet. These devices are especially worthwhile if you don’t like the hammering pressure that a massage gun gives, or you want a more passive form of athletic recovery.

The high-tech foam rollers and PowerDot muscle stimulators are excellent for soothing and rejuvenating sore muscles.  Each of the rollers is designed for a different part of your body. The Wave Roller is ideal for larger muscle groups like legs, the Wave Solo is handheld for pinpointed relief to smaller areas, and the Wave Duo is ergonomically designed to safely relieve the spine and back.

Therabody Wave Roller Smart Foam Roller

Therabody Theragun PowerDot 2.0 Uno

The TheraFace is an innovative four-in-one tool that includes red and blue lights, a microcurrent, a cleansing brush, and percussive massage heads to soothe and tone facial muscles and skin appearance. Adding the hot and cold rings will not only get you a free Wave Roller, but it’ll amp up your skin care routine, too.

The fitness deals are pretty top tier this year, if you ask us. From big name retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart to buzzy brands like Hydrow, Lululemon, and Nike, you can still find a breadth of last-minute Cyber Monday markdowns to add to your cart before midnight. In case you need ideas, here are several, including SELF-award winning dumbbells, as well as Airpods, Apple Watches, sneakers, and more.

Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation)

Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant with Pockets

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2