I’m an outdoor runner, but the physical and mental health benefits of having a treadmill in my home speak for themselves. With an at-home treadmill, inclement weather won’t stand in the way of getting your workout or daily step count in. Running as little as 10 minutes per day can reduce your mortality risk1 and add years to your vascular age2. And, even if you’re not chasing a runner’s high, keeping your activity up can improve your mood, happiness, and outlook on life and help mitigate anger, depression, and anxiety3.

NordicTrack also offers a few great treadmills for every lifestyle and living space, but the Elite model takes the cake for me. It comes highly recommended from personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts and is particularly great for runners. With inclines ranging from -5% to 40% and speeds up to 12 mph, this model was built for any type of running or walking exercise—yup, even the viral 12-3-30. So if you’re adhering to a strict training plan like I am, or you’re just looking to get some daily steps in, this machine will support your mileage (and then some).

The best part, however, is that even if you’re running indoors, you don’t have to do it alone. Stream an iFit running class and let the instructor adjust the speed and incline for you automatically, or rotate the 22- or 32-inch screen toward your yoga mat and opt for a strength training workout or a calming yoga class (both of which are extremely beneficial for us runners!). During your run, the screen displays your speed, incline, distance, time elapsed, heart rate, calories, and pace.

In terms of delivery, choose between regular build-it-yourself shipping or white glove service, which includes delivery, assembly, and removal of all packaging.

After extensive research and expert input, we’ve featured NordicTrack in a number of our roundups, including the best exercise bikes, best treadmill brands, best compact treadmills, best recumbent exercise bikes, best ellipticals, best Peloton alternatives, and the best adjustable dumbbells, and more. As far as treadmills go, the NordicTrack Elite is the gold standard. I’ve had my eye on this one for a long time, and this is the lowest price you’re going to see.

Don’t need all the bells and whistles of this elite model? The brand also makes compact treadmills and options with a few fewer features, with prices as low as $999. Needless to say: This is not a Black Friday sale you should wait on. All that’s left to do is lace up the best running sneakers or supportive walking shoes and get your body moving.