Sarah Regan


November 22, 2022

Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

New Moon

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November 22, 2022

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New moons are the perfect opportunity to plant seeds and set intentions, and under this month’s new moon in Sagittarius, we’re all going to feel inspired to grow. Depending on your astrological sign, however, you might want that growth in a particular area of your life. Here’s what to know for this new moon, according to astrologer Kayse Budd, M.D.

Note: Be sure to check your sun, moon, and rising signs.


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Aries, this new moon lands in your ninth house of travel, learning, exploration, truth seeking, and legal matters. According to Budd, some of you might be embarking on a new educational experience or discovering fresh passion within an existing educational program. Others, she says, might be planning or embarking on an international journey.

“A handful of you are actually having a bit of a spiritual awakening or expansion,” she tells mbg, adding that romances could also bud under this moon and legal issues will probably go in your favor.

“You may be able to communicate more smoothly or harmoniously than usual this month. If the opportunity arises to do some sort of spiritual growth retreat, say yes!” Budd adds.


Under this new moon, Taurus, your eighth house of birth, death, psychology, and transformation will take center stage. As Budd explains, you’re likely used to this energy by now. “This entire year, including the potent eclipses, have all been pointing to a steady course of shift, change, and evolve for all Taureans,” she explains.

Despite your efforts to keep things grounded and predictable, you’re being encouraged to be more dynamic in your growth and evolution, according to Budd.

“There could be positive news or a new opportunity that brings some financial benefit your way. You may be able to speak your deep truth with this moon or get to the core of an older psychological issue or puzzle,” she says.


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This is a relationship-centered new moon, for you Gemini, with Budd noting that it activates your seventh house of relationships and connecting.

“You have the opportunity to express your truth to a close friend, business associate, or romantic partner,” she explains, adding, “Many of you might resist the urge, however, as light-hearted Geminis don’t always love the harder conversations.”

If you can face up to the challenge of heavy conversations, however, you may find “a wonderful sense of relief,” Budd says. There’s an opportunity to improve your relationship as a result of vulnerability and transparency under this new moon, she notes, adding this is also a good time for finding new love.”So, hop on the dating apps or go connect with some people IRL!” she adds.


Minding your health, Cancer? You may feel inspired to under this new moon, according to Budd, who notes it occurs in your sixth house of health and service. As such, this is a great time to re-engage with your health (both mental and physical), positive habits, and service to your community.

“You may have a new work or service opportunity, particularly one that highlights your communication skills, your creative talents, or your sense of style,” she says, adding that a long-held writing or teaching intention could be manifesting for some as well.

“The energy of expansion, enthusiasm, and spirituality are present in this Sag moon. Take advantage of the positive vibes to integrate some your personal spirituality into your service for the world. This is new moon to take a step or even a leap in the direction of your work dreams,” Budd tells mbg.

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This new moon may be in Sagittarius, Leo, but it’s falling in your fifth house of love, creativity, and fun—AKA the very house your sign rules! “Thus,” Budd explains, “this is an extra special new moon for you—it activates your heart, your sense of joy and play.”

She adds that this new moon has the potential to reconnect you to your passion and purpose, and some Leo’s will have creative (or romantic) opportunities starting or developing at this time. Others may be reconnecting or having fun with their children or friends, she notes.

“Embrace the lighter side of life and be generous with your love and your emotional expressions during this new moon,” Budd says, adding, “Your words, especially, can inspire others now.”


Tap into your inner homebody under this moon, Virgo, as it falls in your fourth house of home and family. Whether you opt to reorganize your home, connect to your family in a new way, or simply invest fresh energy and perspective into these areas of your life, this is the time to do it.

“Some of you may have recently bought or moved into a new house. Others will be starting a home improvement project,” Budd says, adding that because Sagittarius is all about exploring new dimensions, “try to approach family and even neighbors with the willingness to be flexible and harmonious.”

This new moon is a time for thinking positive and imagining things working out in the best way possible. “Once that exercise is done, let go and surrender. Remember, a good Sag motto is, ‘You got this,’ no matter what happens,” Budd tells mbg.


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Communication is the name of the game under this new moon, Libra, activating your third house of siblings, short trips, and you guessed it—communication. As Budd explains, there will be a strong opportunity to improve the way you communicate with others, including speaking your truth and daring to reveal more of yourself.

“Some of you may have the opportunity to teach or publish something. Others may have the opportunity to sing, give a talk, or provide some leadership in a group,” she says, adding that short trips could be on the agenda as well.

This could also be a good time to start therapy or reinvest in your journaling practice. Connecting with siblings may be pertinent for some Libras now, as well. “You may be especially attuned to what the others in your life need right now. Lean into that and invest some positive energy into your relationships. Your attention may be especially motivating and helpful,” Budd adds.


Mind on your money, Scorpio? With the new moon occurring in your second house of finances, security, and possessions, Budd says this is a potent time for making money, or setting intentions around your finances.

“Taking favorable steps to improve your financial situation or sense of security, emotionally or physically, is aligned for you this new moon. Investing money, planning for the future, selling things, giving away things, and generally exploring your current relationship to money and possessions is on the agenda,” she tells mbg.

And remember, Sagittarius is all about uplifting and seeking new truths, so apply that theme to your relationship to finances, she explains. “Congratulate yourself on relaxing some of the tense grip you sometimes have in this area of life. Recommit to communication-oriented projects that have been on the back burner. If someone asks you to teach or write something, say yes,” she notes.


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This is your moment and your moon, Sagittarius, and you’ll be happy to know it’s a positive one. According to Budd, with the new moon in your first house of personality, assertion, and the self, it gives you an opportunity for a true fresh start.

Whether it’s a new haircut, a new job, or just a sudden burst of energy, you’re going to feel the urge to expand and broaden your horizons. “You may be more talkative than usual right now, too,” Budd notes, adding to use your verbal energy to explore how you’re evolving—and what positive impact you can make on (and for) the world.

And with your ruler planet Jupiter currently retrograde, and conjunct Neptune, Budd says you could be feeling even more dreamy and expansive than usual. As such, “This is a favorable time for spiritual growth, insights, and manifestation for you,” she explains.

Lean into the extra radiance and optimism you’re feeling right now—while your dreams may take a bit more planning than you imagine in this moment, take steps and keep structuring as you go, Budd tells mbg.


Capricorn, this new moon happens in your 12th house of spirituality, secrets, and the unconscious, so this is a deeper, quieter moon for you, according to Budd. As such, some of you might be looking at aspects of yourself you’ve kept hidden (AKA your shadow).

“You may need to come to terms with a few behaviors, habits, old wounds, and perspectives that are less productive, create difficulty within your relationships, negatively affect your health, or otherwise hold you back,” she explains. You may also, however, be ready to face and begin to transcend one or more of these things under the influence of this expansive moon.

She adds that Capricorns could have a bit more energy thanks to your ruling planet, Saturn, being in a favorable trine aspect with active Mars. “It’s a good time to exercise, start projects, make changes, take up new hobbies, and consider a new job,” she explains.

And if you’re experiencing expenses or challenges to your sense of security right now, she adds, make some plans to address the issue over the coming few months. “Most likely, you’ve prepared for some version of this. Now is a time to invest in your future and lay the structure for your intentions,” Budd notes.


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Optimism is in the air, Aquarius, and with this moon landing your 11th house of hopes, dreams, and social interactions (the house Aquarius rules), Budd says this is an extra potent new moon for you. “This is a really good time for examining goals, especially those that go beyond the personal to social and community impact,” she notes.

Start considering what you can do to contribute to your town, your workplace, or your friend group, she suggests. “Can you join (or start) a club or organization? Can you begin a volunteering experience? What baby (or big) steps can you take to move your dreams for this life forward?” are all questions she recommends asking.

And keep in mind that this has been an important year for Aquarians, with ruling planet Uranus actively connecting to the north node (AKA the destiny line) for months now. “Lots of karmic people, events, challenges, opportunities, and communications have come and will continue to come your way,” she Budd notes, adding, “Keep intending to step into your fullest potential as a ‘way shower.’ See challenges as initiations, helping you improve what you are here to offer.”


This is a career-centered new moon for you, Pisces, falling in your 10th house of career and public image. According to Budd, many of you will have a professional opportunity—or a chance to be seen or launch something new professionally.

“This is a great time to plant seeds, have conversations, and dream dreams related to your business or public persona,” she explains, adding to invest in your social media, connect with your clients if you have a business, and share your current thoughts, insights, and inspirations with those around you.

“You are in a position to be seen and impact others positively right now. Stretch your comfort zone, and launch that program or idea,” she says. “Lean into any fears you’ve been having, cultivate an optimistic outlook, and use this energetic new moon to take action!”

The takeaway:

Sagittarius is the epitome of a free spirit who wants to experience all life has to offer. Under this new moon in Sag, no matter your sign, expect to feel the energy of optimism all around—and don’t be afraid to embrace it.