Are we romantically compatible?

This romantically compatibility test will take about 5 minutes. 

Answer each question as honestly as possible for the most accurate results. Don’t worry about picking what you assume is “the right answer” — go with what is actually most true for your relationship.

You’re pretty compatible

Based on your responses, you and your significant seem to be pretty compatible. You’re similar in the ways that matter, complement each other in the areas that you differ, and know how to handle the inevitable conflicts when they arise. No one is 100% compatible, but you two make it work pretty well. 

Your compatibility is unclear or questionable

Based on your responses, it’s not clear whether or not you’re compatible with your significant other. You may not know enough about this person’s beliefs and behaviors to properly assess your romantic compatibility just yet, or you may have some areas where you’re highly compatible and some areas where you’re highly incompatible. Consider opening up some conversations with this person about some of the topics in this quiz and in this article to help you further explore your compatibility. 

And don’t worry: Compatibility can be built over time between two people who are committed to doing so.

You may be incompatible

Based on your responses, there are several areas of incompatibility between you and your significant other that suggest you may not be compatible in a relationship. Your personalities, values and beliefs, and/or lifestyle preferences have some incongruencies that may cause excessive conflict in a romantic relationship. However, don’t panic! Any areas of friction or difference can be managed and worked through if both people are committed to the process and to the relationship.

Reflect on the areas of friction that came up for you while taking this test and consider how important they are (or aren’t) to you. Not every difference is a deal-breaker—but some are! It’s up to you to decide. 

You can also consider opening up some conversations with your partner about some of the topics mentioned in this quiz and in this article to help you further explore your compatibility.

How do you each show affection?

Are you both introverts or extroverts?

What are your attachment styles? 

Your attachment style is your unique way of being in relationships with others. People with a secure attachment style are comfortable getting close to others, trusting them, and find it easy to love and be loved by others. There are three insecure attachment styles: avoidant, anxious, and fearful-avoidant. Avoidants can feel constrained in relationships and highly value their independence, and they can shy away from too much intimacy. Anxious folks crave closeness and constant validation in relationships, and they’re sometimes described as “needy” or “clingy.” Fearful-avoidants are a mix of the two.

Do you have the same political beliefs?

Do you have the same views on religion?

How do you each feel about kids?

How do you each feel about sex?

What do you each like to do on the weekends?

Are you clean people?

Are you more logical or more emotional people?

How do you each feel about alone time?

How do you navigate serious conversations?