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November 14, 2022

Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

Are Taurus & Scorpio Actually Compatible? Here's What To Know About This Zodiac Duo

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November 14, 2022

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When it comes to astrological compatibility, certain signs are known to be great matches, while others tend to experience some clashing. And when it comes to Taurus and Scorpio, it can be a toss-up between opposites attracting—or absolutely repelling. Here’s what to know about this zodiac duo, from how they’re similar and different, to how they’ll fair in a friendship or relationship.


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Taurus & Scorpio compatibility overview.

In order to understand the dynamic between Taurus and Scorpio, let’s first take a look at what these two signs are all about individually.

Taurus, for one thing, is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure. It’s symbolized by the bull—a fitting representation of Taurus’ stubborn but dependable nature. This sign is also known to be very invested in sensory, earthly pleasures, as well as things like money and security.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is a water sign ruled by Pluto in modern astrology (the planet of transformation and rebirth) or Mars in ancient astrology (the planet of action and aggression). It is a fixed sign, like Taurus, and is represented by the scorpion, inspired by Greek lore that a scorpion stung and killed Orion. Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious, deep, and slightly (or not-so-slightly) intimidating.

Interestingly, Taurus and Scorpio sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. An “opposition” is one example of an “aspect” or angle formed in astrology, and while it’s not the easiest aspect to deal with, it can be very rewarding when two people can embrace each other’s differences and find balance.

These two signs’ respective elements of earth and water also make for a soothing and healing combo. In the same way clay or mud can be rejuvenating, when an earth and water sign come together, they can create a relationship with a lot of comfort, depth, and grounding.

Before we get into more about this duo’s compatibility, it’s important to remember that assessing true astrological compatibility (aka “synastry”) requires both people’s entire birth chart into account, not just their sun sign. That said, here’s more on how these two signs fare in love and friendship, plus how they’re similar and different.

In a friendship.

When a Taurus and Scorpio come together in a friendship, the potential to create a loving and supportive dynamic is strong, but there’s also the potential for some head-butting.

As astrology expert and co-founder of Zenchronocity, Megan Michelena, explains to mbg, Scorpio can help Taurus dive to the depths of their own emotional world, while Taurus can help Scorpio lighten up and enjoy things once in a while.

“If we’re looking at these two at a party, Tauruses are the ones eating, drinking, talking to everybody—they’re very much there. A Scorpio on the other hand is in the corner with sunglasses on, knows everybody’s deepest, darkest secrets, and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. So Taurus would be the one that recognizes Scorpio in the corner and is like, ‘Hey, come join the world of the living and quit being so in your head,'” Michelena explains.

Vice versa, if a Taurus was going through an emotionally tumultuous time, Scorpio wouldn’t be afraid to lean into that, as they don’t feel a need to shy away from darkness. And it can be very grounding for a Taurus to receive that kind of emotional support, which Michelena adds is super important to them.

Moral of the story: these two can make great friends as long as they respect and appreciate each other’s nuances.


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In a relationship.

All the aforementioned points about how these two can balance each other would apply in a relationship context as well, Michelena says, adding that these two also have the potential for major sparks in the bedroom.

Scorpio is already known for having a certain sexual energy about them, meanwhile Taurus is very, very sensual, so put them together for seven minutes in heaven and they may never emerge. As Michelena jokes, “Don’t be surprised if these two never leave the house.”

But beyond just the sexual chemistry, Taurus and Scorpio in a relationship will be able to merge the earthly world with the underworld, finding depth, balance, and mutual enjoyment.

“When you actually balance these two, Taurus invites Scorpio to be more present, more alive, and more aware of what’s actually happening right now,” Michelena explains, adding, “And then Scorpio in turn really invites Taurus to get into their depths, and to understand that we all have this ability to be more than what we seem.”

These two signs are also known for being incredibly loyal, but to that end, both can have a propensity for jealousy and possessiveness when they’re operating from a less evolved place. If the negative side of that intense loyalty can be checked, both signs will appreciate that they can count on each other.

Ways they match up.

In terms of how these two are similar, Michelena says they’re both very loyal, romantic, sexual, and dedicated. Both being fixed signs, meaning they fall in the middle of their respective seasons, Taurus and Scorpio embody a certain drive or workhorse mentality that helps them see things through with determination.

In the context of a relationship or friendship, that fixed quality will likely make the dynamic feel very stable and supportive. While the way they actually get things done may differ, both are dependable and trustworthy.

As Michelena explains, Taurus may be quicker to fall in love, while it may take Scorpio a bit longer, for instance, but once either of these signs makes any decision, they’re going to stick with it. (And that includes in their relationships.)

And similarly, she adds, this applies to breakups or fights. If a Taurus or Scorpio is upset with you, you’re going to know it. And if they decide to cut you out of your life, they’re liking not going to come back. “When they’re done, they’re done—they’ll burn the whole house down and walk away and never look back,” Michelena says, adding that these two can also both experience flares in their temper.

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Where conflict may arise.

While Taurus and Scorpio can make an excellent match, lest we forget they are opposites. For one thing, Taurus is much more extraverted than Scorpio, and in the context of a relationship or friendship, both people will have to understand that key difference (and not take it personally when they don’t want to do the same things), according to Michelena.

She also notes that Taurus does have some intuition, but typically takes things at face value much more than a Scorpio. “Scorpios are taking people in with their intuition—they’re not taking people at face value at all. And there’s pros and cons to both sides of that,” she explains.

And in terms of personal growth and evolution, a highly evolved Taurus and Scorpio together will be able to find harmony within each others differences, but that won’t be the case with two people operating from their shadows, Michelena notes (which is pretty true for any relationship, TBH).

“If we’re not in our highest vibration our opposites can actually become our worst enemies,” she tells mbg. Taurus’ shadow, for instance, may be materialistic and shallow, while Scorpio’s shadow will literally sting you with its cutting words and no-f’s-given attitude. And obviously, that’s not going to mesh in a relationship.

The takeaway.

Taurus and Scorpio can definitely be a case of opposites attracting, and when both people have evolved to a healthy place, they can balance each other out in a very deep and grounding way. You’ll definitely want to check out both people’s birth charts to get a greater sense of overall compatibility, but generally speaking, there’s no reason a Taurus and Scorpio can’t flourish together.


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