The “Black Adam” star gave fans a glimpse of how he builds piston-like legs.

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Few Hollywood performers might be as committed to their physique as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. While the movie star has an impetus to maintain his strength and conditioning — most of his roles involve some high-level physicality — even a general perusal of Johnson’s Instagram would seem to indicate he goes above and beyond in the gym.

On Nov. 2, 2022, Johnson posted a clip on his Instagram where he worked through a demanding leg workout that consisted of five “monster sets” and a “killer finisher.” While undoubtedly challenging from a glance, the routine is likely just another walk in the park for a man dedicated to his training.

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According to the caption of Johnson’s post, he completed a set of every movement in his workout “back to back, with no rest in between” before beginning the next set, as a type of circuit or superset. (He did five sets of each movement in total.) Here’s an overview of Johnson’s complete leg workout. The reps of each exercise were not provided:

Dwayne Johnson Leg Workout | Nov. 2, 2022

  • Leg press — Five sets
  • Hack squat — Five sets
  • Chain lunges — Five sets
  • Dumbbell sumo squat — Five sets

As for that difficult closer that Johnson alluded to, he added a little extra spice to his 100-pound dumbbell sumo squat. The actor’s objective was to perform the dumbbell sumo squat while leaning slightly forward, using a three-second negative (lowering phase) and a one-second pause at the bottom without letting the dumbbell touch the floor. In addition, Johnson held the dumbbell using only his fingertips to further his grip strength.

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Given recent developments in his career, Johnson might have been especially motivated to build mass and strength with his legs even before this specific workout.

The actor is currently starring in an adaptation of DC Comics Black Adam. (Note: The film was released in the United States on Oct. 21, 2022.) Johnson plays the eponymous antihero gifted with tremendous talents by almighty deities — some of which involve elements of super-strength and super-speed. With such a prerequisite of physical abilities, Johnson’s portrayal is naturally (and accurately to the source material) that of a dominant demi-god, so to speak.

Similarly, Johnson’s overall background lends itself to a seamless commitment to fitness. The 50-year-old is a former WWE superstar (hence “The Rock” nickname) and was also a member of the University of Miami’s 1991 National Championship team. He was a rotational defensive tackle and notably played alongside future Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp.

From this perspective, Johnson destroying what would be a grueling leg workout for most people is nothing new. To be a shining star on the football field, in the squared circle, and on the silver screen — you have to train like it.

Featured image: @therock on Instagram

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