Emma Engler, M.S.

mbg Nutrition Research Scientist

By Emma Engler, M.S.

mbg Nutrition Research Scientist

Emma Engler, M.S., is a Nutrition Research Scientist at mindbodygreen supporting nutrition product research, development, and innovation, as well as science education and communications.

How To Up Your Brain Game With Nootropics (Think Focus, Mood Support & More)

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November 1, 2022

Taking care of my mind is a top priority. I do my best to stay on top of lifestyle practices that are healthy for my brain (like getting consistent exercise, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, keeping up with my social calendar, challenging my brain on a daily basis) but sometimes, life gets in the way.

Despite implementing best practices to support my brain, I would still find myself struggling with some fog, lacking sustained concentration, and running on a low mental battery. I felt a crucial component of my cognitive health ritual was missing. Then mindbodygreen’s nootropic collection entered the scene, and brain guard+ and focus+ seriously upped my brain game. They were the missing piece. 


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A comprehensive and complementary nootropic combination. 

The brain is a ridiculously complex organ, so it’s only fitting to take a multidimensional approach when supporting it. Both alone and combined, these nootropic supplements offer comprehensive cognitive support benefits that round out my foundational brain health habits beautifully. 

Thanks to neuronutrient citicoline, unique botanical kanna, and longevity polyphenol resveratrol, brain guard+ delivers brain nourishment and neuroprotective support to keep my mind sharp today and for the long term.* 

Meanwhile, with instant and sustained caffeine, Panax ginseng, L-theanine, guarana, and vitamin B12, focus+ covers my cognitive performance bases, helps keep me relaxed (but alert), and provides much-need sustained energy (plant-powered energy, mind you) throughout the day. *

While complementary, brain guard+ and focus+ are also intentionally unique in their targeted cognitive support formulas and functions. Robustly curated with full-potency, science-backed doses of each ingredient, these powerhouse supplements deliver palpable brain health support.* (A nootropic match made in heaven, if you will.) 


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My go-to nootropic combo for cognitive benefits.  

I’ve taken both focus+ and brain guard+ separately—and don’t get me wrong, these two supplements are superstars when it comes to their targeted goals—but taking them in combination was when I realized I hit the cognitive advantage jackpot. The effects are life-changing; I’m proud to call myself a devoted nootropic enthusiast. 

Whether I take them before squeezing in a quick morning workout or after getting in a good breakfast and cup of joe, these two nootropic supplements are now staples in my morning routine. These formulas are packed with mood-enhancing, neuroprotective, and all-day-energy-supporting ingredients, which is why they have both earned a spot in my daily essentials toolkit.*

Simply put, they offer a convenient and effective way to start my morning off on the right foot. And while I’m investing in cognitive health each day, I’m also setting up my brain for future success.


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Daily cognitive performance support. 

The multifaceted mental performance support that focus+ delivers is both fast-acting and withstanding. The caffeine—both instant (from organic whole coffee cherries) and sustained (from green coffee beans)—helps me reap the benefits of this powerful plant phytonutrient not just in short bursts, but also throughout the day, thanks to lasting mental energy and concentration support1.*

The adaptogenic herb Panax ginseng and superfruit guarana featured in focus+ are energy and endurance elevators that also support stress resilience.* Plus, these synergistic botanicals are shown to enhance task performance and alertness2 when combined.* 

Mood balance & stress resilience.

Perhaps my favorite benefit? The mood-balancing effects. These two nootropic supplements are well-equipped with feel-good ingredients, mainly thanks to L-theanine in focus+ and kanna in brain guard+. These fascinating ingredients are clinically shown to modulate specific brain waves that are related to cognitive and emotional processes.*

For example, L-theanine supports relaxation and a calm, yet alert-and-focused mental state, and kanna provides dual action on the central nervous system, supporting important pillars of cognitive function (such as executive function and cognitive flexibility3) while also promoting a healthy stress response.*

These nootropic supplements help me have a more positive attitude (no matter what my day holds) and help me stay zen while I’m in the zone.* 


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Proactive cognitive health support.  

The fact that my productivity and mental endurance have never been better isn’t all—brain guard+ also delivers proactive cognitive health support benefits to support my brain later in life.*

You see, brain guard+’s hero neuronutrient, citicoline, is clinically shown to support healthy levels of brain-critical neurotransmitters, the production of ATP energy in the brain, and brain cell membrane formation (not to mention learning4, memory5, and processing speed4).* 

Citicoline’s neuroprotective properties are also complemented by resveratrol, which has powerful antioxidant properties to promote cellular resilience and combat oxidative stress.* 

Additionally, citicoline’s multidimensional brain health support and resveratrol’s vasoactive properties (which support blood brain flow) also are ideal for combating occasional brain fogginess, taking my daily mental clarity to the next level.* 

With mood-balancing benefits from kanna and mental clarity and cognitive longevity support from citicoline and resveratrol, brain guard+ helps keep my brain on track for now (and in the future).*  

The takeaway. 

The addition of this powerhouse nootropic combo to my brain wellness toolkit is a no-brainer (pun intended). I’m not only getting much-needed mental endurance and energy support each day, but also providing my brain with ingredients that it loves now and down the road.* 

I cannot recommend brain guard+ and focus+ enough to those looking to reach their productivity potential while also supporting their cognitive vitality on a daily basis.* For me, this nootropic combination has helped me do just that. 


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