Singleton looks like he hasn’t missed a beat since his injury.

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After Evan “T-Rex” Singleton ran through a string of strongmen contests in 2022 — including a podium result at the 2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic — he ran into a rather unfortunate roadblock. In late September 2022, the athlete tore his right distal biceps tendon while training. The injury not only led him to withdraw from the 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals, it also saw him end his 2022 competitive season after undergoing surgery. A little more than two months later, it’s almost as if he never missed a beat.

On Dec. 8, 2022, Singleton posted a clip of himself completing a 185-kilogram (407.8-pound) log lift during a recent workout. According to Strongman Archives, the log lift is more than Singleton’s all-time competition best of 181 kilograms (399 pounds) from the 2021 Shaw Classic. Given the required overhead strength needed to finish off the feat — it might be one the biggest indicators that the athlete’s health and fitness are rounding back into form post-injury. Note: The athlete denotes that his log lift amounts to 410 pounds in his post, but that may have likely been a typo.

(NSFW language in the post caption below)

Upon successfully locking out his lift, the emotion on Singleton’s face and in his body language was palpable. He exclaims in joy the moment he holds the heavy log above his head and explodes with enthusiasm as soon as he drops it to rest on two tires on the floor. A powerful reflection in his post tells the story of a frustrated athlete pushing hard to return to an elite level of competition as soon as possible.

“I hope all you guys lived it up in 2022 because the easy ride is [expletive] over,” Singleton wrote. “2023, I’m back, I’m stronger, I’m faster, my head is right, and I’m hungry. Everything I missed out on this year, I’m making up for tenfold in 2023. It’s going to be the scariest version of the T-Rex yet, and not a single one of you is ready for it. I’m back, and I’m hungry and really pissed off.”

This log lift isn’t the first time Singleton has stepped into the gym since tearing his biceps tendon. The athlete has been sharing clips of his general training progress post-surgery since a 317-kilogram (699-pound) safety bar box squat for five reps in mid-October 2022. That specific leg movement, however, didn’t need Singleton to significantly involve his upper body and, in turn, biceps.

Judging by his social media, the first instance of Singleton more directly training his arms again came with a 100-pound seated dumbbell press for 25 reps on Halloween Weekend 2022. Though, he only worked his uninjured left arm. In early November 2022, Singleton would perform his first post-surgery yoke carry of 390 kilograms (859.8 pounds) for 50 feet in 6.8 seconds. Finally, just over a week later, Singleton “tested the waters” with his right arm and performed a successful strict press of 102 kilograms (225 pounds) for 12 reps.

When Singleton does return to formal strongman competition in 2023, it appears he’ll be more than ready to shine. The athlete has previously disclosed that the 2023 World’s Strongest Man contest in late May will be his “first stop” before he jumps back into the Giants Live circuit over the ensuing summer. From there, all bets might be off for an athlete evidently undeterred by what now seems like only a minor setback.

Featured image: @evan_trex_strongman on Instagram

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